Bitwarden addon not displaying log in start menu correctly in Firefox


I’m seeing the following issue in Firefox 92. I believe that it started after a recent update to FF, as it was working correctly when I first started using bitwarden several weeks back.

This issue only appears if I have the addon in the main toolbar. If I move it to the overflow menu, it displays correctly.

Any idea how to correct this? I’ve tried removing and reinstalling the addon without success.

The addon is version 1.52.1, running in Firefox 92 / Fedora 34.

Not seeing this issue in Chromium.


Hi, After a fresh install of Fedora 35 (apparently using Fedora 94) it is (using your extension) not possible to enter a user name and a password because the acoompanying popup-window only displays the first part of the fields and thus the rest popping out beyond the right part of the screen. So entering our creds via the extenson is not possible anymore.

Sorry: “apparently using fedora 94” should be “apparently using Firefox 94”.

I merged these two topics because I believe they are reporting the same (mis)behaviour.

There have been other recent reports of Firefox and Fedora not playing well together with extensions, and it looks like it is being addressed - see here:

Thanks for now!
After reporting my issue I saw the other one so it sounds logical for me …

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