Bitwarden addon does NOT stay on the last entry selected

Is there a reason the Bitwarden addon does NOT stay on the last entry selected, forcing the user to search twice to copy/paste the username and then the password?

Why do you use Copy-Paste if instead you could use Ctrl+Shift+L (1) if a matching URI (2) exist for the item ?

(1) Keyboard Shortcuts | Bitwarden Help & Support
(2) Using URIs | Bitwarden Help & Support


How about because COPY PASTE is a STANDARD?

I think @Peter_H was trying to be helpful by letting you know the keyboard shortcut to autofill credentials using Bitwarden. Of course you can copy and paste if you like, but that’s not how it’s intended to work. If you’re just going to copy and paste credentials manually, you probably don’t even need a full-blown password manager.

One thing you could try is clicking the arrow icon at the top left of the browser extension to open it in its own window. This method keeps whatever you were last looking at on screen.


The POINT is that the Bitwarden Addon does not STAY on the same entry. It REQUIRES one to click on the arrow icon when it shouldn’t have to, especially when ADDING A NEW ACCOUNT to the password manager you say I shouldn’t need. The extra click you suggest is an extra click one SHOULD NOT HAVE TO MAKE.

Thanks anyway.

As long as my Bitwarden vault is unlocked, I don’t have to make ANY clicks (zero clicks of the mouse) to login to a site. As suggested above, most people just use the keyboard shortcut to automatically paste in your credentials without ever touching the mouse. And if you have multiple matches to your URI, just keep pressing the shortcut to cycle through the credentials until you are on the one you want. Done.

If you don’t want to use the keyboard, then just click the Bitwarden extension icon with the mouse once to open the extension, then click on the credential you want to use for logging in. It will automatically fill BOTH the username and password simultaneously - no need to go back and forth and manually copy and paste.

I see some good folks trying to help you out above with similar advice. Of course it is up to you if you want to consider their guidance, but it’s not cool to get mad at them for trying to help. We aren’t Bitwarden employees, just Bitwarden CUSTOMERS donating our time to try to help others out.


My sincere apologies for my rudeness. It really was uncalled for.

I do appreciate the advice.

Thank you all.