Autocomplete default username (+random password) when creating new entries (or option in generator)

Can this be added to roadmap?


Also looking for this feature.

I see two possibilities:

  1. Autocomplete like LastPass (best choice)
  2. In username generation, under options, add a checkbox to select entries from a static list. I could then choose between different usernames and email addresses I have without typing it

Add it to roadmap please !

Signed up to suggest this feature. +1 from me, the quality of life improvement would be massive, it’s the lack of this feature that makes me hesitate to recommend Bitwarden. Our IT department is looking for options for password management and if this gets added to the roadmap I’ll recommend whole-heartedly

I’ve been a registered user for nearly 3 years and this is the feature that I pine for the most. Don’t we all find ourselves typing out the same email address nearly every time we create a new entry? This feature request seems like a no-brainer. I don’t need a pick list (but would be nice); just a new setting where I can define a default string for the Name field when creating a new entry.

PLEASE oh PLEASE add this.

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Current Behaviour: When creating a new login in Bitwarden, under the Username field, you can click the little arrowed circle on the right to automatically populate one of four Username Types: Sub-Address, Catch-All, Forward, Random Word. This is an excellent feature when you need to quickly generate and “Select” one of these four types to automatically fill the Username field.

Issue: If you simply want to automatically fill your standard email address, there is no way to do this, like you can with the four username types. You need to type it out.

Feature suggestion: create a fifth username type: Email Address (nb. there is already an email address field in that window so it knows how to derive a Sub-Address. This should be a very easy feature to implement as you are just creating a new value for this existing Username Type category.

Benefit: when you are now creating a new login, by clicking the arrowed circle on the right, you can quickly auto-populate your email address like you can a new password. This would create a faster, more efficient, and error free workflow when adding new logins.

If you agree, please vote.



One thing that would be really nice is if Bitwarden would automatically suggest your email information and a strong generated password when you sign in a new website. Right now I have to fill my email info myself and go to the vault extension to generate a password that I need to copy paste on the website.


The more effective way to do this is to start in the browser extension, click Add a login, and fill in the Username, generate a random password (click :arrows_counterclockwise:, then “Select”), then click the “Save” button in the browser extension. Now you can click “Auto-fill” to transfer all of this information to the web form and submit the form.

Doesn’t entirely solve your issue, but the Chrome for Mac extension utilizes the keyboard shortcut CMD-SHIFT-9 to generate a password and copy it to the clipboard. This shortcut can also be customized. I assume there are similar keyboard shortcuts for other browsers and operating systems.

To save time, add a dropdown menu for most commonly used usernames.

I generally only use 1-2 email addresses when registering on sites. It is a pain to always have to type in the same email address username time & time again, especially on the mobile app.
If Bitwarden can cache the 5 top commonly used usernames into a dropdown menu selector when adding a new account login to the vault, this would really speed up my experience using the application.

I would like to have an entire set of default fields that can be filled in automatically when generating a new login. doing repetitive tasks on a computer is just silly. I want to fill in a form on my preferences that includes my default user name(s), default email address(s), address(s), first name, last name, etc. then whenever I create a new login, bitwarden should generate a new password based on my rules set up in settings, and autofill all of the above for any of those fields on the account setup page. simple. this feature should super easy to implement since all the frameworks for what I just said is already there. Just add some more fields.

Agree! Made an account here especially for this. This would take like no time at all to code, right?

This is how I formulated it before I found this:

Hi Bitwarden,
Thank you for making Bitwarden, I am a happy user. I do have some easy to implement suggestions for making a new password item. This takes way more effort than necessary, I believe, and this can be fixed easily.

  1. most people use their email address as a username on most sites. Having the previously filled in email address pre-filled, would save users typing in the same email address every time.
  2. It takes more clicks than necessary to generate a random password based on the password generator settings: click on generate password, click on copy, click on select. Just autogenerating a password as a reasonable default would make a lot of sense here.
    If both 1 and 2 would be prefilled, just one click would suffice to generate a new entry. This would save a lot of effort for your users! Other than that, I really like your product, keep up the good work :slight_smile: .
    Best regards,

Thank you for your work.

Use case: creating new logins.


  1. Open Bitwarden.
  2. Click the plus sign or “Add Login”.
  3. The entries are pregenerated and filled.

Even more convenient would be a hotkey or a button that would make what I described and use autofill on currently opened page.

It would be nice when manually adding logins to have the ability to quickly set a default for username, as many sites use an email address.

Most companies require first and last name as part of the E-Mail address, so for me this makes at least 28 characters to type for every new entry. Often I nearly hit the 50 character mark.

So it would be very helpful to have this feature.
Best wishes,

YO DEVELOPERS !!! These feature has been asked by the community since 2019 !!! It is very easy to implement, most password managers already do it and you are lacking behind !!! PLEASE DO SOMETHING, THANK YOU !!!

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This was driving me crazy too. There must be a better way, methinks. Indeed, there is. You can pretty much solve this now if you use an Identity when signing up. Here’s how:

Once-off Setup:

  • Open the Bitwarden Extension
  • Click the + to add a new Login
  • Change the drop down from Login to Identity
  • Name it something like “00 My Email”
    Those leading zeros are to ensure it conveniently appears at the top of your Identity list
  • Fill all the fields you don’t want to type in manually. Use a fake name if you are paranoid
  • Set Email (not Username) to your email address
  • Check Favourite, if you feel like it, but it doesn’t seem to do anything
  • Click Save

When you sign up:

  • Visit the www signup page
  • Open the Bitwarden Extension
  • Select “00 My Email” from the top of the Identities list
  • Right-click in the Password field and automatically generate a password
  • Click save, and let Bitwarden create your new Login for you.
  • Shout Hurrah

Best of luck!

I use the same email adress as username for almost all logins. Would be great if this could be prepopulated for new entries…

Make a way to insert a default userid when creating a new account. I shouldn’t have to fill in my preferred userid every time. Password yes. UserID no.

Any updates on this?

Yes, here’s your update: you need to check the labels to notice it’s not even planned or considered by them. You can also check how long it takes them to implement certain features, e.g. tags. That’s been popular for few years and is being delayed on the roadmap now with 0 news as to why and when it’ll finally come. Then you should be able to estimate when this feature will be part of Bitwarden.

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