Auto-type/Autofill for logging into other desktop apps

Hi @wysocki, unfortunately never tested Windows 7 as its mainstream support ended in 2015 and the extended support ended in 2020. Security related products (like Bitwarden) are aimed to be ran in the latest and most up-to-date possible platforms (or at very least not in ones that already reached their End-of-LIfe cycle).

I have a 11/12 years old Laptop that runs fine Windows 10 (dual core, 4gb RAM, HDD). So it might be possible to update the OS if the hardware is similar.

The error you’re getting is basically a lack of updated secure protocols, you can find more info in the Microsoft Support Site, the TL;DR is that Windows 7 uses as default an insecure transport. A fix is already in the repository (develop branch) but I’m testing more changes that will go on the next scheduled release.

As for “downloading Bitwarden CLI” is part of the auto-type as is used in order to access the password vault.

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I only made an account to post and vote for this feature request. I find it baffling that this (for whatever reason) is not top priority. Our org has considered bitwarden time and time again since 2018 but every time we check, this basic feature is not implemented. Eagerly awaiting for it’s implementation.


With all due respect; As AutoFill (to clarify, this addresses manually requested autofill, not including automatic autofill)at this time is arguably the most secure method of inputting sensitive data, I would want to see this feature implemented eventually. Making this a premium-only feature would certainly lead to some users, including me, upgrading their accounts.

Kind regards


I find it concerning, that there is no ETA or other communication regarding this topic. Is it possible to prioritize voting when you are a premium member?



I am about to move on from bitwarden because of the lack of this feature.

Am in IT consulting, and use Keepass autofill many times an hour to login to web, citrix, rdp and whatever sessions. The lack of this feature in Bitwarden is the reason i am still using keepass.

I miss being able to share passwords with multiple users and groups in keepass, but no autofill in Bitwarden is a dealbreaker.

Are there any updates on the matter?

The lack of this feature is quite a bummer for me. I have already committed to using Bitwarden, because overall it’s looking good but if we won’t see an update soon, I’l have to consider looking into refunds and other alternatives. The desktop experience however misses something like this dearly.

Even a feature that would allow quick search and insert to an input field would be great - having to copy entries to the clipboard is quite bad. I’m using clipboard history apps and they do pick up the passwords even if the clipboard clear is set in the app. I have to manually go in and delete entries which doesn’t make the process of putting in passwords any easier on the contrary.

I hope I’ve just missed it and it’s there, but if it’s not, do we have an ETA for even a simplified solution? Anything is better than nothing until a robust solution can be added.

I would like to have a status update also. I am in the IT industry and use BitWarden exclusively. I find this lack of feature cumbersome and am looking for an alternative for this very reason. I hate to do so since BitWarden syncs across platforms…

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@tgreer Sorry to ping you like this, can we possible have an update? More and more apps are preventing copy paste and it’s super irritating! thanks

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Welcome, @Seanzu!

This isn’t on our current dev schedule, but we are watching the increased demand from ever-changing copy + paste restrictions. Thanks for keeping the conversation going :slight_smile:

Also only registered to upvote this, pretty sad that this is not implemented, but even more disheartening is how such a highly requested feature so easily bounces off bitwarden staff for such a long time - sprinkled with some smileys to make it even more baffling.


I’m just adding to this conversation. I would appreciate this feature as well since bitwarden is otherwise very good password manager, but on desktop its rather a container. I’m not using Bitwarden for desktop apps much, just because of this… I believe most of the bitwarden users would appreciate this feature to come as soon as possible.

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I love bitwarden, but still, I should say this is one of the major missing features in it. It’s sad to see people hesitate to start using bitwarden just because this autofill feature is missing.

The day this feature gets implemented, I will bring 10 + 1 (me) more paid subscribers to bitwarden. :upside_down_face:

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Same here, I just subscribed, paid, and I hope it will be implemented soon, until this project is a half-leg giant :confused:

please make it happened

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I would like to have this feature as well. This would support the business case in our company to change from Keepass.

I saw the script created by anonymous1184. I am a bit reluctant to use this, because of the security. Can anyone elaborate (or reassure me ;-))?

Pls kindly implement this feature. This is so important to not use copy/past of passwords. Also, the user exp becomes so much better

OK everyone, the team at Bitwarden is like 20 people, so they can’t do everything that everyone wants in a timeframe that everyone wants. BW is great for many people, but CANNOT have every feature that everyone wants, they can’t.

I too would like Auto-type, but for me having tried many of the other PW managers out there, BW is the king, and it will take a heck of a lot to knock it off its pedestal.

+1000 to BW staff

PS: I just looked at KeyPass. ugh! that interface looks like a Win98 nightmare. oh man, I’m all for function over form, but DAMN, THAT PROG UGLY! i heard their next update will take the interface back to OS/2, and then DOS. I’d rather store my passwords manually written on punchcards!


Thank you. I read this feed and it really goes on my nerves in what way some people expect how things should work. Especially regarding the resources available (as you said they are few …) and implemented functionality, quality and stability this product already provides nearly without failure.

Sure it is not great that it takes such a long time to implement something so simple (which is not, not like at all, especially if you really want to consider security as come-first-perimeter) but it is within frame considering their size, functionality set and maintenance they provide continuously.

And regarding KeePass. I have to work with it professionally as it is the set PW-Sol in my company and you’re absolutely right. That is an ugly little shit. Giggled on the OS/2 and DOS updates.

So as there seems to be no interest from the bitwarden staff in implementing this feature and we have now nearly 4 years since the initial request, I will put Bitwarden on my blacklist. Will never use products from you by myself or in customer environments anymore in the future. Will also cancel all contracts with Bitwarden in all customer environments.

You don’t want to listen to your customers? Fine, here you have less customers!

This is a must-have feature, I’m really at a loss it’s not supported. Also coming from KeePass, like many here, it’s #1 feature preventing me from completely switching over.