Auto-type/Autofill for logging into other desktop apps

I just jumped over to Bitwarden from KeepassXC. The latter was great for my personal usage, but BW fits much better with onboarding my family to a password manager and sharing via orgs. I really like the Ctrl+Shift+L browser shortcut, but we really need a comprehensive auto-type feature. Thanks for the good work, and I hope this feature makes its way out there soon!

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Same for me, coming from Keepass and would like to see some kind of autotype

As we’re waiting for this feature to be implemented: for anyone on MacOS (and using Alfred), have you tried this workflow?

I just installed it and it seems to work just fine. It’s not auto-type but still a huge improvement compared to manual copy and paste.

I don’t mean this as a personal attack in any way, but OMG that looks like a terrible idea. Expose all your BW secrets to unsigned third-party software that requires you to give it privileges to bypass OS-level security? :scream:

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Well, I’m by no means a security expert but I did my research. I didn’t systematically collect and store all my data, but I think the most important information was here:

I’ve just gone through the source code.

All the workflow does with your email & master password is pass them to the Bitwarden CLI client (it does save the email, but not the password). The only network connections the workflow itself makes are to fetch favicons and to check for updates.

The workflow caches your Bitwarden data (for speed), but the data are encrypted on disk, the encryption key is stored in your Keychain, and the cached data are deleted when you lock Bitwarden.

All in all, very well done. @blacs30 is very security aware. I would trust this workflow much more than the browser extension, which was written—at least in part—by idiots.

blacs30 is, of course, the author of the bitwarden workflow.

Maybe I’m being naive, but I don’t see how I’m introducing a security threat on my system when using that workflow. If I’m missing something, please explain.

Love the browser auto-fill but since I need auto-type for the desktop app, I am settling in Bitwarden and KeePassXC depending on usage.
looking forward to using only Bitwarden in the future

Pls kindly implement this feature!


I would like to request integration to the Zoom app (the platform which is being used extensively for classroom and business connection). At this point, whether I want to log in to the app or switch accounts, both the user name and password have to be manually entered or copied from the Bitwarden app.


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Still no implementation after so many years and requests? This should be a basic feature of a password manager app.

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Am I right that this is still not even on the roadmap for 2022? At least I couldn’t find it there (unless it’s hidden under “desktop app updates”).


@Bitwarden: Come on please acknowledge that you have seen this and that you prioritize getting it implemented… this is one of the few feature requests that should be a basic feature in any password manager and the only reason for Bitwarden not being a direct and good replacement for KeePass that many organizations are using.

This is also one of the missing features that has a direct impact on the amount of money you’re making as largen orgs discard you product because of this specific feature missing. I know because i have been in very large orgs that choose other solutions because of it.

Edit: Also this is the second most voted and viewed in the the category so really something you need to look into!

Edit2: There is even a community driven solution for this, so pay the man a $1000 and he’ll probably sell it to you guys to implement in the official product! Bitwarden Autotype in Rust


Hi @StefanBC, welcome!

This item is actually mentioned at the top of our Roadmap in the active research phase. Thanks for keeping the discussion going!


That is great news!

But after having read the page a few times and looked at the Roadmap 2022 I still don’t see it??

What are you calling it then? I’m looking for auto-type or auto-fill but I don’t see anything specific to that?


Hey there! I’m attempting to setup your Autotype implementation but am running into the following issue: “Call to nonexistent function”.
I have Bitwarden and Autohotkey installed. I have your “bitwarden-autotype-master” in my downloads folder and have the most recent “cli-master” folder extracted and into a folder named “cli-master” inside your folder.
Trying to figure out what I’m doing wrong here I would appreciate the help.

Hi @Oxika95

The error you’re having is a couple of leftover lines (50/65) used to measure speed, I removed them and addressed a new issue introduced a few hours ago with the release of Bitwarden CLI v1.21. Checkout the new release of Auto-Type.

Now, you downloaded the full repository and while you can run it from there, is easier to run the pre-built portable or the setup version as it provides Auto-Type for elevated/system processes. Other option is that you build your own binaries via the build script.

With that being said, this thread is not be the best place for 1-on-1 support. When I released the tool I created this post here on the forums and there’s also github issues, please feel free to reach in any of them.

Thank you for your valuable input.

Voted for this. I really miss that “must-have”-feature. Hope you implement it as soon as possible and we don’t have to wait more years. :pray:


Co-workers have requested this feature as it’s included in the PW managers they already use. Definitely would help me convert some new users (or even the entire org).

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Hi @StefanBC, you’ll find it at the very top of the roadmap under ‘Active Research’.


We recently switched from myki, while BW has some significant advantages, this is a real hard problem.

When using something like ScreenConnect or Teamviewer (or similar), when encountering UAC prompts it is impossible to use the clipboard.
This means that any form of decent password management is simply impossible (as typing a long random password that changes with each customers tens to hundreds of times per day is simply not feasible).

In myki the flow was pretty simple:
1: press ctrl+shift+"
2: a simplified desktop app openened
3: use the filter to select the appropriate account
4: the app closed, giving focus back to the previous application
5: the username folowed by a tab command folowed by the password was typed (presumably via something like SendInput function (winuser.h) - Win32 apps | Microsoft Docs)

This way there was no slowdown in any application (no hooking, plugins etc.), it functioned everywhere (except local UAC/secure desktop), was fast and overall extremely usefull.


The overlay popup thing (most requested feature) I think would be more of a convenience for some users, but the auto-type feature for desktop apps is a no-brainer! Copy-pasting passwords is just inadmissible. The clipboard is vulnerable since it´s monitored by the system/ legitimate apps/ malware. Period! Clearing the clipboard is sugarcoating and everyone knows that. Without this feature security is just fiction.