Gracefully handle service not being available

Just switched to the BitWarden week ago. I want to recommend it to my friends. Personally, I used 1Password for over 5 years now. But I wanted to find a free alternative, I am very hesitant, since I am encountering issues from the get-go. I imported my stuff without any issues.

But just moments ago, I tried to add a new login and failed.
I created a new Login item, and tried to save it, but BitWarden app was just continuously asking for the master password. Eventually I got an alert box that request was cancelled.
Then I google is BitWarden down, and sure enough, BitWarden service is “degraded”. Does not help much, because password I generated is gone for good.

I mean, it is fine to be offline sometimes. But losing data because service is down just unacceptable. Make a local queue of unsaved data. Do not worry about conflicts and other edge cases, just try to do something, except misleading user by asking password and quietly losing my data.

Offline editing is a feature that is coming in the future

outages are quite rare for Bitwarden so you were very unlucky lol

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Let’s be upfront and honest here: When you speak Bitwarden, “coming in the future” means never or possibly many years from now. Go look at the lists upon lists of requests and even outright bugs that linger for years upon years.



Nah - Bitwarden is adding new features all the time. The mistake that I see many users make is that if their feature request is important to them personally or if a feature request has a lot of votes, there is some obligation by the Bitwarden devs to fulfill the request. That’s not the way it works.

Bitwarden is an open-source project, and if someone sees high demand for a feature, or if you yourself really, really want a feature added, anyone can make a contribution, or you can wait to see if the devs pick it up.

At the end of the day, Bitwarden is a business venture, and a small and emerging one at that, so they have to prioritize where to invest their very limited developer resources. It’s not like they are one of the huge, established players like 1Password that is worth $$ billions. I believe one’s expectations need to reflect the context here.

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1Password has been around for 11 years and Bitwarden has been around for only 5 years so yeah it will take them a while to reach the size (if they do) of 1password

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You pretty much answered your question here

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