Auto-Sync on all platformes

Can we have an automatic Sync on “app open” ?
When you view the app (or extension), it could check if their is a flag saying you need to sync, and if it is, it calls a sync of the database.

Usually when you do a change to a password, you are not on multiple devices at the same time.
So you would ;

  • Change a password
  • Server-side the account got flagged as it needs a sync
  • Open the mobile app (or another browser with the extension)
  • App checks if account is flagged for update
  • If it is, does a sync.

This seems better than sync every x min automatically,

Hmm, I totally understand ‘why’ you’d want that for your usercase. But what about user who quickly wants to grab password from BW (unrelated password to the one that was updated) and it starts syncing, effectively slowing you down? With poor mobile connection, even checking if sync is required could cause 2-3s delay.

I guess it could be done really in the background though, but then it might not be the best solution in your user case, as you wouldn’t have any indication that content was already synced. This can lead to behavior like: ‘check if it’s there’, not there, check again and it’s there because sync just finished.

This isn’t a bad idea. But on the other hand, I’d suggest forcibly shortcuts or manual actions like swiping the vault from up to down (for mobile app, just as I said here) or press F5 or anything else as shortcut keys or even click a notorious “Sync” button on the top of the vault’s window (for desktop/extension/web).

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I’m surprised this hasn’t been there from the beginning, automatic/scheduled syncing with a server is almost one of the first things a cloud based app should have built in.

I made some changes to my wife’s vault a week ago, today she called me saying the new logins weren’t there. I had her sync from the app settings, and it hadn’t synced since April 3rd, that’s almost a week without any communication between her phone and the server.


Definitely need this

Yes, this could be a prime feature. Nothing is more frustrating then saving passwords and not having them synced when you are on location.

Having tried different apps in this current time updates would take seconds. SafeTocloud for example holds over 250 of my passwords and it takes less then 2 seconds to update even over 4g.


The browser extension indicates the time of the last sync under Settings > Sync. As a new user I have observed this occurring automatically when the database is changed, but haven’t witnessed it often enough yet to be sure it happens regularly.

I don’t understand why this still has not been addressed. Github has had multiple issues about this and already back in 2016, so it is not like the developers aren’t aware of this.

Not only it is annoying to have to do this frequently manually, but because of this and the lack of conflict detection, it is easy to lose information by rewriting to an entry that was not up-to-date before editing.

The browser extension indicates the time of the last sync under Settings > Sync. As a new user I have observed this occurring automatically when the database is changed, but haven’t witnessed it often enough yet to be sure it happens regularly.

You have? How quickly since the last update? Platform?

According to this explanation from Github from 2016, at least the Chrome extension polls the server every 6 hours.

The extension with poll the server every 6 hours for new updates. We could reduce the polling to a shorter interval but that would lead to a lot of unnecessary traffic to the server (since 99% of polls will result in no changes). The decision for 6 hours was to try and keep traffic down and give you the latest updates 4 times per day. If you made a change that you know you need and it is not listed you can simply go to the settings tab and do a manual sync.

Perhaps this has changed since, but in any case, the syncing isn’t automatic, hence it is poll updating instead of push updating.

Syncing improvements are now rolling out with browser extensions 1.31, desktop 1.7, and web vault 2.2. We now use web sockets to receive instant sync pushes across client applications.


What does this mean for Organizations? If I add (or edit) an item and share it to my Organization, how quickly will that addition/change show up for other users in the Organization?

I am running the latest versions of the browser extension,desktop and mobile app and the syncing feature does not work. Why must I manually sync between my devices if I update a password on one application to get it to show up on the others? I am a premium member and would at least expect this simple feature to work. I love your app and want to stay using it but if this feature alone you cannot get to work I may as well go back to my other application I was using that has this feature.

Now the browser plug-in version is 1.43.3, but there is still no automatic synchronization function. I think it is better to provide a few options for users to manually set how often to update it.