Auto-Sync on all platformes

Organization Vaults synchronize to devices every 30 minutes, or upon manual sync.

This does not solve the problem I described. I’m asking for an update in an org to trigger a sync for all accounts using that org and being logged in / used.

Currently, the settings we already have are enough. I believe there’s no need to ask for a setting/button to sync on every platform, since it would require a lot of coding and work for a single feature.

There are higher priorities for now. This could be an extra if devs got time to spare.

Why is there a forum here then where people can express their needs and suggest features?

Hey Gabriel, are you speaking on behalf of the dev team?

Your suggestion will remain here. It’s not going to be deleted or be hidden. People have different opinion.

Syncs should happen whenever a change happens and all current sessions should then get a notification from the Bitwarden servers to sync.


+1, Would be nice if the browser add-ons settings could stay in sync automatically, not just for passwords.

They don’t auto sync for me. Had the desktop app opened when I updated a pass on the chrome extension. 10 minutes later the desktop still didn’t have the new password.
This morning open my chrome extrension on another computer still doesn’t have the password synced. Granted that computer was off during hte password update but the desktop app on my main pc wasn’t.

Yes, it doesn’t even seem that when I click save, that a push sync from that is initiated, at least not on android mobile. Super annoying to have to manually initiate syncs everywhere in order to push and “pull” the changes.

How long has auto-sync stopped working? Mine hasn’t been working for quite sometime. I have 2 android, 2 desktops, all require a manual sync or refresh.