Make "sync now" more accessible

I suggest that the manual “sync now” action be moved from the settings panel to the extension’s persistent top bar, directly beside the “pop-out” button. Use the conventional “chasing arrows” icon and users will instinctively know what it does.

This would be very handy after making changes to items in the web vault (which I prefer for organizing/editing logins).

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This would be nice for mobile apps as well. Currently the manual sync on android is settings>sync>sync button. It would be way better if it was just Tools>Sync button

Or either it could refresh and sync the vault by swiping the finger from up to down. Like overall material design apps do (such as Gmail and other Google apps).


A new sync button next to the add button and/or search field.

I personally go for your solution, the up to down swiping on a list of items is a “standard” gesture for updating the list => syncing if needed.


It would also be nice if the auto-fill popup on Android had a sync button.

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This probably won’t be necessary going forward. Big auto-syncing improvements are now rolling out with browser extensions 1.31, desktop 1.7, and web vault 2.2. We now use web sockets to receive instant sync pushes across client applications. So manual syncs are now likely going to be a rare action.


Sweet! The necessity to manually sync sometimes was one of the few things I didn’t like about Bitwarden.

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The app updates with the new “live sync” feature are now all available. I’m going to close this request now since this update solves that problem.