Auto-fill on page load in new tab

Hi everyone,

I’m using Microsoft Edge browser (I’ve also experienced on Chrome) and when I open any website in new tab, the Auto-fill on page load feature is not working properly. If I want this feature to work properly, then I need to switch the page before the page I open in the new tab loads.

Is there a solution for this?


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Hello @Blitzift and welcome to the community,

Thanks for the post, I was able to replicate this on my end as well.
I don’t typically utilize auto-fill on page load, but I understand many users do. I have seen some similar behavior under some other conditions.

Typically though when auto-fill is having issues, simply refresh the page or use F5 function key to reload the page. This appears to have reloaded the tab and successfully allows for auto-fill on page load to work in the newly opened tab.

Another tip you may wish to use, in the case you open a page in a new tab and auto-fill on page load fails to work. You can also utilize keyboard shortcuts, using Cmd/Ctrl + Shift + L and this will fill the credentials in the new tab as well without needing to refresh the page.


Hi @cksapp ,

Firstly, thank you for your reply.

I know both ways to auto-fill to credentials on the page and usually I prefer to use customized keyboard shortcuts. But I’m wondering if Bitwarden can resolve this issue.

Hey @Blitzift can you open up a ticket with the official support team at

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This behaviour happens because BitWarden decides if it should auto-fill upon initially loading the page content.

Source: clients/autofiller.ts at 504e6202ab69901c2bb16610398edbe48b9ab541 · bitwarden/clients · GitHub

This generates an event which is later consumed by running “auto fill on current tab”.
So any non-focused tabs get skipped.

Source: clients/runtime.background.ts at 504e6202ab69901c2bb16610398edbe48b9ab541 · bitwarden/clients · GitHub

This could probably be overcome by listening to a “focus” event - in addition to the existing “content loaded” event.

I spent most of this afternoon trying to understand why this problem exists. I can probably spend some time submitting a pull request another day. Or I’d be happy if someone more familiar with the repo could take it on.


I googled bitwarden autofill on tab load and this was the top result.

Is there any update on whether anyone is looking at this? I am using Chrome. If I am not on the tab I open when it loads then bitwarden will not autofill it which is very frustrating if you are regularly logging into a server or anything like that which has a logout timer.

Same here, no autofill if tab loads in the background.
Is there an open github ticket we could upvote?

Github is for bug reports. Feature requests are proposed an voted on in the Feature Requests section of this community forum.

Here is a relevant feature request that you can vote for: