Need Help with Auto-Fill

@Bitwarden never offers to auto fill.
So, if I remember the password I print it. Then it asks me to save it. I do that. I’ve collected many similar ones in the vault.
It’s not only messy but a big failure.
Any solution?

@RupinderSra Welcome to the forum!

Your question didn’t seem related to the issue discussed in the other thread, so I’ve created a new thread for you.

The description of your problem is a little bit unclear. I assume that you are using the Browser Extension, and that you are getting duplicate entries?

Please note that your vault has to be unlocked in order for any of the functions to work properly. For example, if the vault is locked, the Bitwarden app has no way of looking at your vault contents (this is a security feature — no one, not even Bitwarden’s app, can see you vault contents when the vault is locked), and therefore it does not know whether the current website is already stored in your vault or not. As a result, if you unlock the vault after telling Bitwarden to save the current login, a duplicate entry will be created.

For the same reasons, there is no way for the auto-fill function to work if the vault is not unlocked.

If any problems persist after you unlock Bitwarden, please describe in detail what you were doing, and what the results were (including error messages or screen shots, if possible).