Autofill for background tabs

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Autofill Background Tabs

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Currently the web extension (for Chrome & Brave at least) will only autofill a form when it loads visibly in the brower; background tabs will never autofill. I don’t necessarily think the actual filling should occur in the background, but if a user navigates to a previously backgrounded tab, once it is in the foreground, the autofill should be triggered at that point.

A simple example is the way I go though and pay utility bills. I have a bookmark folder that I middle-click on (to open the entire group in new tabs). The first, visible tab currently autofills, but as I navigate to the other tabs, they never autofill, since they have already loaded in the background. The keyboard shortcut is somewhat helpful here, but it would be even more convenient if these tabs would autofill the way the first one did once they are brought to the foreground.

I agree that this would be a great feature.
I actually find the keyboard shortcut quite awkward for this.
I have a similar bookmarks folder to @breakthestatic, but I use it every day.
The bookmarks open 6 tabs for the Web interfaces on the virtualization platforms I use daily.
As @breakthestatic says, only the first tab loaded gets filled.
It’s then ENTER to log in, CRTL/PAGEDOWN for next tab, CTRL/SHIFT/L for fill, ENTER to log in, and so on. Switching between these two and three key shortcuts isn’t quick.
I’ve recently switched from LastPass which handles this much better, and fills all tabs both foreground and background, leaving you only with CTRL/PGDN+ENTER (which is really quick).

Please add the capability to auto-fill background tabs, it would be so great to be able to open and login to a bunch of things at the same time.

Voting for this as well. LastPass had this.

Is there an update for this? For example, I often open groups of tabs at once. Bitwarden will only fill in the active tab and ignore the rest.