Auto-fill on Apps that aren't ready for it (Android 12 with Apps)


I’m using Android 12 on Pixel7 and looking for a way to add custom fields to adjust how Auto-fill behaves on some login fields on Android Apps


ID and Password are not filled although they are saved and Bitwaden recognize the app to provide available option. Lack of knowledge blocks to copy the ID of each text field on Android app to set Custom Fields on Bitwaden.


Learning a way to copy IDs of text fields on Android apps to add Custom Fields (ID, Password and other required values such as CVV numbers for EC sites) to let Bitwaden works with those Android apps.

Note: Although I know how to set URI, the generic “User Name” and “Password” fields on Bitwarden item entry does not help to fill these corresponding fields on some Android Apps. I assume it depends on how these apps are built; however, if there’s a workround, please let me know.

FYI, I’ve already read these articles prior to post this, but I still needs some advanced tips.


I also read these posts, too.

Hey @teaemkei I added an additional link to one of the posts above, but sharing here for visibility as well:

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Hi @dwbit , Thank you for the additional link. However, I didn’t mean the “ID” you’d refer to; I meant “identifer (custom field name)” of each text field to identify what field should be filled by Bitwarden app.

For instance, when an app requires 4 fields to fill-in, two of them may be feaseible to fill-in by saving username and password; however, these other 2 fields are not defined. In such case, I want to copy the “custom field name” as identifers of these fields.

On PC, there’s a way to copy it from the context menu under “Bitwarden”, but on Android app, there’s no such way (as far as I know…).

In cases where linked custom fields are not working in the mobile app experience you can alternatively check to see if the service provides a progressive web app (PWA) providing an app-like experience via the website on mobile.

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