Card autofill Android

New to BW. I have the Android app and when I need to login to a certain site using Android I need to enter Credit Card. The account number is stored on Bitwarden, but while in the mobile app I can’t get BW to prompt me to autofill the card info. Any ideas?

Hi @rss7, are you using a custom field? You can find more information about setting the correct name/element ID here.

Hi. Not sure why I need a custom field. It’s an android app that I use to reserve and pay for golf tee times. BitWarden allows me to enter my password, but when I get to Checkout, there is a “Card Number” field. BW doesn’t seem to know that I am on a field that is prompting for a Credit Card. My phone browser is Firefox if that helps. So not sure why I would need a Custom Field since this is the most basic use case for BW’s ability to enter a Credit Card number.

As we don’t have control over how other sites are designed, Linked custom fields can be used to solve issues where your Browser Extension can’t auto-fill usernames and passwords for a particular site.

You can also submit the autofill issue here for investigation.

Do add the Custom Field to the Login record of the website I need this for, or do I add if to the Card record?

You can right click in a website field and select ‘Copy Custom Field Name’ and then use that name when adding the linked custom field in Bitwarden. See the link above for detailed steps.