Archive category - inactive passwords not on main page

Before Posting

Feature name

  • Archive

Feature function

  • This feature moves passwords files to another category or folder, so inactive passwords don’t clutter up the main page or vault
  • This feature will help keep the main page clean, ensure only active passwords are present so it is easier to navigate the main page without having to click or search all the time

Related topics + references

  • Similar features can be seen in email inboxes, for instance, Gmail allows you to archive emails for record-keeping
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This feature request already exists here:

Hi Peter, thanks, I upvoted the feature request. From what I have read, the feature request hasn’t occurred yet right? With this post, should I just delete it or archive it? I appreciate your assistance.

There is nothing to do on your side. This topic will simply be added to the already existing topic. Till I will have figured out how this is done a “colleague” of mine surely will do this within the next hours.

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A post was merged into an existing topic: Archive old accounts