Any way to get back into hosted account?

My company is a Bitwarden Enterprise hosted customer. We once integrated with Duo, but have since moved away from Duo in favor of other 2FA methods. Regardless of turning off Duo at the account level, we would always still be prompted for Duo with an “invalid integration” screen, but were always able to select another 2FA method. I was personally always able to get into my account with Authenticator. Earlier today, I setup SSO integration with Azure and then disabled Authenticator on my account, thinking using Enterprise single sign on would use whatever 2FA method I have setup in Azure (and not the one set in Bitwarden). However, not only do I still get prompted for a Duo auth after selecting Enterprise single sign on auth during login, but now since I disabled Authenticator on my account, it’s no longer even offered as an option for an alternate 2FA method. Even if I re-enable the Duo integration, I cannot get into my account to enter the new client ID and client secret for Duo.

All that said, I am basically locked out without the recovery code. I have opened a ticket but support is seemingly unwilling thus far to turn off Duo at the org level for us or restore Authenticator as a 2FA method on my account. Has anyone else maybe run into this situation or one like it and got it resolved somehow?

Over on reddit, somebody had the exact same problem. And, they described it exactly the same way :smiley:.

I put my comments over there, so as to not bifurcate this discussion.