Cant login to company account


its only me or all of us cant log in to company accounts? Personal account works perfect but company have a issue.

Its only us or someone else ?:slight_smile:

we are also getting an unexpected error has occurred on login

So its only not us… I write to support but still no answer :slight_smile: Status page say its 100% working but still problem with login :wink:

We also sent tech request. No response yet.

From what we understand the issue is related to the fact that we are use 2FA, DUO in our case

Thats true. We use DUO too, but personaly I use YubiKey and its working fine. I can login etc. But DUO can be that issue. We need to wait. My company is now stuck cuz all accounts are loged off and we cant log in :slight_smile:

We’re addressing it asap, the status page will reflect once we’ve cleared all issues:

I was able to login to my Bitwarden browser extension, but when I attempt to login to my vault, my valid username and password are not accepted. I hope something is not between me and Bitwarden - collecting my credentials.

Some of us can log in but still we have that issue. Maybe its any way to disable duo mobile?

Of you can get in to the web vault, you can disable Duo like in here.

Course, there’s the personal Duo and then the Duo that only the organization’s admin can touch. Make sure which is which.