Duo for Bitwarden Disabled


Recently, my Bitwarden Account in Duo Mobile shows as disabled - as a consequence I no longer receive push notifications for 2FA. I also have a 2FA for Bitwarden with Authy…

What I would like to do is consolidate all of this, by moving all my 2FA to Authy, and deleting/removing/ Duo altogether.

Can anyone help by pointing me to a step-by-step guide of what I need to do to achieve the above please?


How about you get your problem with DUO solved instead? I do use it and just tried it: It works as it should and it has never failed me in the past.

As you have DUO you must be using the premium plan and as according to you it now shows as disabled the first thing I would do would be to check if this plan has expired because of a missed payment.
If a payment indeed was missed just pay now. By the way if currently you are not on the premium plan other premium 2FA methods like FIDO also should not be available anymore. Just try it out even if you don’t have such a device.

If a payment is not due or if perhaps your payment was made too late just log out (!not! !lock!) and back in. If after that DUO still does not work as expected turn to the Bitwarden support team.

Thanks for the advice Peter_H. You are correct, I am on a premium plan but I have never missed a payment (automatic debit), so this cannot be the reason for the disabled account.

Any other advice?

Did you check again after logging out and back in?

Yes, several times.

I think I’ve worked this out…

I haven’t had a need to log into my Duo account for some time, but when doing so today, I noticed that the 2FA device (Phone) had a different name than my current device. Looking at some of the logs I saw that the date I stopped receiving push notifications corresponded with when I changed to a newer phone…I completely forgot that I had done this. So all I had to do was reauthorise my device, picking up the new phone, and now my Bitwarden Account in Duo is shown as activated.

In the long term, I still think I will move to Authy as Duo seems like an overly complicated system for a single user such as myself.

It’s great to hear that you figured it out!

I however like using it. The only obstacle is getting it to run if you set it up for the first time.