Android Shortcut to TOTP screen

Feature name

  • Add shortcut to the TOTP screen that is available from the android shortcut (long press) on the home screen or app picker icon.

Feature function

  • This will allow direct access to TOTP
  • Currently a minimum of two steps are required to get to the TOTP screen open the app, then click the TOTP link at the top of the Valuts tab. If you were previously not on the vault screen, additional back navigation may be required to get to the vault screen.
  • The shortcut will also allow users to add a direct bitwarden authenticator icon to their home screen, recreating the one-click access to TOTP codes that Google Authenticator and others provide

The app and browser extensions do a very nice job of copying TOTP codes to the clipboard upon auto logon but there are still a handful of instances where the app misses, or when they’re required outside of the login process for specific workflows.

Yes this is a great Idea and needs to happen.