Android Bitwarden-integrated fingerprint unlock for BW app only

What do you think about integrating biometrics directly into BW instead of using the biometrics built into the OS? I ask as Android does not appear to have a way to use fingerprints without setting up lock screen security, which I don’t want at all. I tried Samsung Pass and its a POS that eventually redirects you back to setting up the lock screen fingerprint method. I only want a fingerprint to unlock BW as the Masterpass is a pain and I close the app so the passcode isn’t much better since I would have to keep entering it.

The fingerprint would have to be stored in BW and somehow used to also unlock BW. Seems like it might be possible but tricky.

I think most OSes limit the availability of the actual biometric hardware to their internal APIs, requiring you to use their secure enclave for fingerprint/face/etc data (to prevent the collection of biometric data, ensure data security, etc)