Am I missing something or does Bitwarden not provide available login info as dropdown in password fields? I'm seeing them only in right click context menu!

I’m on a Windows laptop, using Chrome browser. I am trying to migrate from LastPass to BitWarden. I installed both BitWarden desktop app and Chrome browser extension and logged into them. Imported the vault from LP to BW.

Next, when I try to login into any website, I see BitWarden isn’t showing any login dropdowns like LastPass or Chrome does.

LastPass / Chrome - Dropdown options vs BitWarden - Only context menu:

Is that it? I checked the help page, and looks like it. Or am I missing something?

IMO, the right-click context menu using is not that user-friendly. I’d much prefer a dropdown like LP and Chrome.

Hello @Warden1 and welcome to the community,

I can understand there is a bit of an adjustment period so to speak of when moving to how Bitwarden operates, especially when coming from another password manager where things may be done differently.
You are correct that currently Bitwarden does not have support for a drop-down overlay pop-up interface, but there is an active feature request for this and something Bitwarden is currently researching development for as I understand.

If you’d like to support the proposed feature request you can feel free to throw a vote that way :slightly_smiling_face:

In the help article you provided, it also discusses the functions for keyboard shortcuts, Cmd/Ctrl + Shift + L as well as auto-fill on page load which may be some options that work better for you.
I know I personally utilize the Keyboard Shortcuts far more often than I ever interact with the extension directly.
Hope that helps

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Seconding the advice provided by @cksapp.

However, my impression is that the overlay pop-up interface is not likely to be implemented in the near future, because it opens up significant security vulnerabilities (some of which are illustrated in this blog article), and adversely affects browser performance.

The keyboard shortcut (Ctrl+Shift+L) makes this a non-issue. It’s just a different way of working, which you’ll get used to if switching from a different password manager.

Thanks for the detailed reply and link to that feature request. That’s from 2018 though, and already has 800+ upvotes. If it’s not implemented by now, I don’t think its ever going to. :frowning:

I read the security concerns other comments there mentioned. So, I guess I’ll have to get used to the “click the extension to autofill” technique. Pressing the keyboard shortcut is not that convenient for me. One, it is another key-combination to remember. Two, it’s a two handed operation.

And the most reason why I most likely will drop this product and go to Dashlane. Seriously the login is an awful UI and I could not recommend it to ANYONE! This also tells me that Bitwarden does not listen to what the customers want!

  1. I hate hotkeys too many in too many apps. I turn them all off they just cause you to accidentally hit a hotkey and get thrown out of whatever your doing.
  2. The autofill login is broken on so many sites worst implementation of it

Right click > navigate to sub menu BitWarden > move to autofill > click to autofill (just retarded extra steps)
Move all the way up to the toolbar extension > find login > click on hit > hit next > repeat step for password (ridiculous usability)

I have to repeat them twice for any site that has login name > next > password

These are just utter ridiculous usability options takes me so much work just to login.

Security is just an excuse because the most secure password managers use the feature.

many others

All these have NEVER been hacked.

@molitar I’m a diehard fan of Bitwarden, but completely agree with you. Why do I need to navigate a 3 layer sub-menu to autofill? It’s simply a horrible workflow. I don’t mind the keyboard shortcut, but I need to remove my hand from the mouse to do it, and then grab the mouse again. Again, horrible workflow. In my opinion, this also applies to the demo videos I’ve watched regarding BW’s Passkey implementation.

I’ve previously commented about the Reused Password Report and how it’s not intuitive to figure out which account/s have the duplicate password. Coming from 1PW, I must say that there are certain areas 1PW excel at, but are horrible in others. Sometimes I think BW should play with 1PW and take some design/workflow cues.

Well just got this message on Reddit so we maybe seeing some light at the end of the tunnel.

Looks like its actively being worked on in the branch “pm-2319-implement-autofill-overlay-poc”
Commits · bitwarden/clients · GitHub

I just want to know if this is the case how soon will we see this? Will this be implemented quickly or should I go somewhere else until it’s done.

Well, the good news (for fans of the pop-up overlay) is that Bitwarden has at least one developer that is actively working on this. The less good news is that this effort is currently in the “Research” phase — i.e., whether anything comes of it remains to be seen, and the timeline is undetermined.

Before getting your hopes up too high, I strongly recommend reading the developer’s notes in the actual PR:

The security issue under discussion will not result in a hack of the password servers, it is a “steal an individual login” attack. Most users in that situation would attribute it to “the website was hacked” rather than “my password manager has a security flaw”.

One has to remember that in the early stages of Bitwarden’s development a lot of very knowledgeable people were providing feedback and as a result Bitwarden does thing a bit differently and hence more securely.

I am very much in favor of keeping the login the way it is. I have tried many of the other password managers out there and once you are used to bitwarden the UI is of similar effort as other password managers, with the usual better in some areas worse in others.

It should be by personal opinion how you want it to work so for those of us that like the overlay we should be able to enable it. Security and how much should always be users choice… A choice.

BTW other password managers give you the option but provides a simple warning that turning on that feature may make you at risk and why. This way the user themselves can make an intelligent choice if they want to turn it on or not.

Great point @molitar - thanks!

Shows a video capture of it working now wonder when and how we will be able to test this feature.