Allow for 4 character numeric "passwords" for PIN creation

The title is pretty self explanatory, but to be thorough, the Password Generator tool (while great) does not allow for passwords to be created with <5 characters. I would propose that the Password Generator minimum length be lowered to 4 characters to allow for the creation of 4 digit PINs (e.g. to use with an ATM, credit card).

I know that one could just create a 5 digit PIN then trim it to 4 digits, but I would hope the programming required to shorten the minimum length to allow one to create a 4 digit PIN would not be overly onerous.

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Not quite a perfect solution, but as a workaround, could you not just generate a 5-digit number and delete the last digit before you save? Hard to mess that up with only 4 characters.

@dh024 yes you certainly could, if you see my previous reply to the post, I mentioned that this is an obvious workaround. However, my reasoning is if it is possible to create a 5 digit password, why would it not be possible to lower the minimum to 4 digits?

Of course, I may be over simplifying the programming process and underestimating the amount of work this would actually require. If so, then I can certainly live with just truncating a 5 digit passcode.

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Somehow, I totally missed your post. My apologies.

I do hope the devs can make this small change - of course, it is a convenience and low-priority item, so it won’t be right away, I suspect.


Why not allow the minimum to be 1 character? I fail tocomprehend why this has been limited.

I believe the reason is basic security. Most would agree, I am sure, that a one digit PIN is insufficient protection to thwart someone from breaking into your locked account.

However, @dh024, anybody is able to remove the subsequent 4 characters. This limitation consequently appears to be unnecessary.