Numeric Pin Generation Capability

As of now if one likes Bitwarden to generate a numeric PIN to be used for bank instruments the only way is to make the password generator opt all numeric but there is a limitation. Password generator restricts minimum 5 characters whereas most banks worldwide are still with 4 digit PIN.

Though a quick argument could be to have Bitwarden generate a random 5 digit string and then ignore one of the digit I think this manual process might have repeative duplicate PINs in a vault and same PINs across cards could be a security issue too. Additionally instead of manual process if Bitwarden itself generates a random 4 digit string it would be a good feature.

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You may have other reasons for preferring not to manually discard the fifth digit, but the risk of creating a duplicate PIN is no different whether Bitwarden generates a 4-digit PIN (per you feature request) compared to manually discarding the fifth digit of a generated 5-digit PIN (the workaround currently available). Even if you already have 10 other PINs stored in your vault, the probability of duplicating any one of those is 0.1%, no matter which of the two methods would be used.

I never thought of using Bitwarden to generate PINs. Thanks for the suggestion!

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