Increase number of PIN digits on mobile app

The number of digits for PIN unlocking on the mobile app is currently limited to 4, but should be higher (up to 8 or 10). I realize that having arbitrarily long PINs does not really make sense as you may just as well type in the full password, but I think that 8 or 10 digits are still convenient enough to quickly type in while providing some extra security.

please set a minimum required and let the user determine the maximum - could add a “go”/“enter” button to the numpad - this makes it secure in that anyone having a go at getting in needs to guess the length and the digits.

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@SoreGums is spot on - this should be an easy fix to greatly increase security. I would go even further and suggest a higher minimum than 4-digits.

Upvoting this too. Agree with SoreGums, this way someone will have to guess both the digits and length

this should really get more traction - it should be an easy enough fix.

also, allowing an alpha-numeric PIN (special characters as well) would be appreciated.

P.S: I was not able to find the code for the corresponding dialog, otherwise I’d have contributed a patch? :thinking: can you provide pointers, please?

I feel like it is nice to point out something that is not being discussed here. Remember in the BW mobile app that after 5 error attempts the app logs BW out. Now on try 6 and beyond you actually have to log into BW not simply unlock. I personally would like a 6 digit option but ask yourself this: if a user employs a unique (used nowhere else, no Birthday, etc…) 6 digit PIN and a “black hat” only gets 5 attempts - period - then its not going to happen is it? I mean really?

I think someone in possession of your mobile device could clone it before making the 5 attempts, then effectively have unlimited attempts.

Installed the beta version of the Android client today. Can confirm this feature along with a number of other great features has been added and works well. Increased my PIN length today.

So happy to see the updated Android app with the longer PIN option. Thank you.