✅ Allow direct linking to vault items

I try find way for post link to specific item in Vault, this especially needed for Organisation collections, for link to needed password item in tasks text (or instant messenger, etc), instead of describing “try to find needed password in collection XXX via YYY keyword", or “take item number 23 from start in directory ZZZ”.

I see that when I open folders, they have separate urls with his id, so I can use url like
Bitwarden Web Vault and same for Collections: Bitwarden Web Vault

In Bitwarden database each password item and secure note also have unique id, like 36902467-bcf9-4f31-b7c1-ab010095dxxx .

So, in theory, something like Bitwarden Web Vault must work, but not :frowning:

Please make all items to be accessible via web interface, using some specific argument in url! I undestand, this is not so hard to implement, but will be very useful!


Upvote! :slight_smile:

Even better when we could mark a entry and get a link. Like in our current passwort manager system: 20_09-18-31-Window

Useful with many passwords and in Service Desk.


We would like to reference vault entries from documentation, i.e. access system such and such using the credentials of info stored at URL. Storing the vault reference as a text string does make it more portable,e.g. when leaving BW for a different solution. But a URL means there are fewer mistakes from an end-user perspective as well as being more user-friendly.

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That Would be a great feature. Instead of creating a table of users and password, you put the link, and will redirect you to bitwarden Vault. :+1:

While this won’t work if you’re logged out, you can link to an item using the following URL parameters:

https://vault.bitwarden.com/#/organizations/[GUID of OrganizationId]/vault?search=[GUID of ItemId]

Something like this:

Just a thought for those who may need a few quick links.


Thanks for the link examples, but the problem is that hash value of url is removed after redirecting to login form. And even I logged in in some tab, I must login again on each new tab, so those links are not working as expected.

Can this problem be solved via keeping hash value (maybe in cookies or some session/local storage) when making redirect to login url, and restoring it after successful login?

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Other implementation can be using separate protocol type, something like bitwarden://valut.bitwarden.com/item/2b3acfcb-6e78-4f0e-9bf7-ab8901e85876, that can be handled via Bitwarden app to open needed item in interface.


No exact timeline for this function, but specific links to credential/secrets/objects are definitely on our radar - especially for CI/CD/onboarding functions - keep the votes coming!


Account links

I would like to be able to refer to specific accounts in the documentation, for this I would like to have links to accounts in order to insert them into the documentation. Or send this link to colleagues who have access to the collection you want.

We see this in 2 options:

  1. Either generating a link by clicking a button.

  2. Either that each account has a pre-generated link that can be copied.

Something like this https://pass.company.com/#/vault?uid=881461e5-fe08-469c-bbd9-abdb01429c97 and a specific record should open on it.

This is needed for us too.

Is it planned to implement anytime soon?

Same here : this feature is needed for us to use BitWarden in our company.
For now, we are testing Passbolt because it has this feature, but I think BitWarden would be better.

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Is there any way to do a “Send” of a record/entry? You can define deletion, expiration, etc.

Just a thought.

This would be helpful to me to target an account password combination in Bitwarden using an URL. Very helpful in the documentation that I need to write. As this URL with a unique code will never change it’s future-proof. Names of an entry can change over time.

So potentially, when someone leaves you and you want to be able to just have someone else to use that URL? I think that’s already possible with Bitwarden but want to make sure I understand you correctly.

When I’m doing a documentation or task description, VERY OFTEN I need point to some exact record in Bitwarden, via posting direct URL to it (https://vault.bitwarden.com/#/item/881461e5-fe08-469c-bbd9-abdb01429c97 or bitwarden://item/881461e5-fe08-469c-bbd9-abdb01429c97 that can be handled by app) or as a text identifier like 881461e5-fe08-469c-bbd9-abdb01429c97, by which users can quickly find the needed item in database.

But now I can’t find any ways to point to exact item in Bitwarden database, so need to explain via abstract phrases like this "Try to find this item in collection “Project five” using keywords “main database password on staging site”, and it’s awkward! Especially with not fixed search order problem described in Improve ordering search results with several words by relevancy

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I understand completely now. That it would work that way makes complete sense and the fact that it doesn’t is surprising if true. Just got my vote, even if I probably won’t use it.

This is one feature above many others that needs to work if Bitwarden wants to gain an edge in Enterprise. Awkwardness leads to unnecessary fear. You want your users to fear phishing, not your password manager!

Now, to see if any documentation got missed when the features were introduced. :smiley:

Same situation at my company. Direct links would be very helpful.

Direct links would be essential for us also.

YES ! This is exactly what we need!

… Who could tell me why this feature is difficult / impossible / insecure ?

Hey @dirksamson, the team is currently working on vault item links :+1: