How generate direct link to specific password item in web vault?

I try find way for post link to specific item in Vault, this especially needed for Organisation collections, for link to needed password item in tasks text (or instant messenger, etc), instead of describing “try to find needed password via XXX keyword”.

Is something like this possible in current Web vault version?

I see that when I open folders, they have separate urls with his id, so I can use url like
Bitwarden Web Vault and same for Collections: Bitwarden Web Vault

In Bitwarden database each password item also have unique id, like 36902467-bcf9-4f31-b7c1-ab010095dxxx.

So, in theory, something like Bitwarden Web Vault must work, but not :frowning:

Can items be accessible via web interface, using some specific argument in url? If not in current version, does this planned to implement in future versions? As I undestand, this is not so hard to implement, but will be very useful!


Seems this is not implemented at now, so I fill feature request: Allow direct linking to specific password item / secured note in web vault

Thats exactly what we also need.
We have our doku in sharepoint but want to save the passwords on sharepoint, it would be create if you can create a link with a uuid (link dropbox) and copy that link into the doku. when you click the link it should open the bitwarden website /app and present the login screen!

This would be a very useful feature. Hope it will appear in the next updates