Allow direct linking to specific password item / secured note in web vault

I try find way for post link to specific item in Vault, this especially needed for Organisation collections, for link to needed password item in tasks text (or instant messenger, etc), instead of describing “try to find needed password in collection XXX via YYY keyword", or “take item number 23 from start in directory ZZZ”.

I see that when I open folders, they have separate urls with his id, so I can use url like and same for Collections:

In Bitwarden database each password item and secure note also have unique id, like 36902467-bcf9-4f31-b7c1-ab010095dxxx .

So, in theory, something like must work, but not :frowning:

Please make all items to be accessible via web interface, using some specific argument in url! I undestand, this is not so hard to implement, but will be very useful!

Upvote! :slight_smile:

Even better when we could mark a entry and get a link. Like in our current passwort manager system: 20_09-18-31-Window

Useful with many passwords and in Service Desk.