✅ Allow direct linking to vault items

Another +1 for this feature. Software and Personal Knowledge Management (PKM) movements are all calling for direct links to cross-application information. Think wiki-style internal documents needing access to vault items, preferably in a URI format i.e. bitwarden://blah.blah.blah… This feature is long overdue. Please!? :slight_smile:

hi @billyblab stay tuned for product news coming later this week!

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The next logical question is probably this one:

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Seems the feature is implemented - great! But how to get such links with GUIDs from the browser extension?

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Hey @Murz, with the initial introduction, vault item linking is currently done through the URL/search bar. We are collecting feedback and looking at ways to improve and expand this feature for future iterations.


While I appreciate the effort (and love Bitwarden), sadly, this is not at all what I was hoping for. This method requires users who rely on their cached credentials in the browser plugin or the app to have to log in again, often with 2FA, to access an item. A more comprehensive solution would use a URI scheme to allow the local device to handle the request through an already-authenticated avenue. It will be much faster and more efficient for me to simply look up what I need within my local resources rather than have to link to the website and go through an authentication process.

Same here; entering my master pw again seems unnecessary, as I have my vault open and unlocked in other tabs.

This may be due to how Bitwarden encrypts the vault locally and only decrypts it in RAM, so it may be that the web browsers are limiting shared ram access between tabs for security I would imagine.
It would be nice if there were the possibility to auto detect the URL, or otherwise somehow intelligently open in the desktop app.

Enterprise customer here.

I’d like to be able to copy the permalink from all Bitwarden clients, including web, browser extension, desktop and mobile. Most of our users don’t use the web as their primary interface, so don’t have access to the new direct link feature.

It would also a nice to have to auto-open the desktop app somehow from a permalink.

Thanks for the feedback! :+1:

We had this exact feature implemented in our old internal password management tool, and it’s a massive barrier for porting over all our internal documentation to Bitwarden. It’s used both for shared passwords in shared wikis, and by users for private passwords in personal notes in OneNote, Evernote, etc. pp.

The workflow we had for the past 8 years was:

  • each password has an UUID (already available in BW)
  • all UIs had a “Copy Deep Link” hotkey and context menu item that copied a custom URL scheme (toolname://uuid/ for us; e.g. bitwarden:///password-uuid/ for linking personal passwords in external note taking apps, or bitwarden://org-uuid/password-uuid/ for org shared entries in Bitwarden)
  • All search bars could handle either a straight search by UUID (for deep linking), or search by the whole deep link (for copy/pasting from documentation)
  • native apps pasted the deep link into the search bar
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Thanks for the feedback everyone, closing this request as you can link directly to vault items.

You can vote on additional functionality regarding UI GUID access here.