See and copy the GUID of an item in the user interface

I’m very happy with the new deep-linking functionality.

But… deeplinking requires the GUID of an item. Of course, I can find the guid in the link when using the webvault. But wouldn’t it be more conventient to actually see the GUID. Or even better: to have a “copy GUID” and “copy deep-link” button in all the BitWarden user interfaces??

See Link to an Item | Bitwarden Help Center


Together with copy, we also need the way to find the item by the GUID in Bitwarden-Web and Desktop applications!

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Wow, in current version of Bitwarden Browser extension we can already find items by their uuid:

So the remainder is to detect full urls like and extract the itemId from there.

And, of course, the main topic feature - Copy link to the item to clipboard.

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Re-Posting a solution we’ve used pre-Bitwarden:

Letting all search bars parse deep links to extract the UUID let us cover all use cases with just a single “Copy Password Link” button/hotkey.

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I’m starting to use Bitwarden as a credential vault for our automation system (using the new bw serve Vault Management REST API) and since the itemid GUID is the only way to unambiguously reference items, having the GUID exposed in the various clients would make the workflow quicker, easier, and less error-prone since currently I have to log into the web vault, pull up the item, and then search for the itemid in the URL

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SSO users can’t use this btw.

  1. be sso user
  2. be sso user logged in
  3. be an sso user copying the url of an item
  4. be other sso user reciecving link
  5. be other sso logged in
  6. be other sso user pasting recieved link
  7. be very upset other sso user not being take to the linked item.

Considering the amount of money SSO contracts cost, I would have thought that this would have been the first thing you made sure was working?

Is there any way to get the identifier (UUID) of a specific item by Bitwarden UI?

The id is really need pretty often, when you want to refer to a specific item in a conversation, some documents or CLI tools and scripts.

But I can’t find a way to get the item id in Bitwarden Web, Bitwarden Desktop, Mobile, and other apps!

Yes, we can use the item name, but it is not static and not unique. So, the Bitwarden search doesn’t allow to search by exact match the substring.

So, I see the only way to get the uuid is using the bw CLI tool, but it’s a pretty long way to get it.

So, please add the “Copy item id” menu item to Bitwarden UI to give users the ability to get the id of an item!

FYI, you can also get it after opening an item in the Web Vault, by examining the itemId or cipherId part of the URL:

Also, as there is an existing feature request, I will be closing this one and merging yours with the existing thread.

Yes, it is possible now in the new version of the Web interface!

But actually, most of the times I use only the browser extension, where the id is still not available at all!

So, to get the id of the desired item, I have to:

  1. Open a new tab in a browser with the Bitwarden web interface
  2. Unlock it
  3. Wait when it will be actually unlocked
  4. Find the item manually again using the name (because there is no “exact match” search I will get multiple results, so I still have to find the right item in the multiple search results manually)
  5. Open it
  6. And only then - grab the url and extract the id from the url string manually again).
    And do not mix up it with the organization uuid in the items from urls like

Also, because IDs are UUIDs not the named strings, I have no idea what exactly it refers to just by looking at it.

So, to understand to which exact item name an id refers, I again have to open the Bitwarden Web in a new tab with an URL like ?itemId=<id> and again log in, unlock the vault…

Does it sound like an easy and convenient way? I don’t think so!

I just wanted to give you another option, since you had written that it was only possible in the CLI. Here is a method you can use from the browser extension:

With the item open in the browser extension, right-click and select “Inspect”. In Chrome, go to Elements > Properties, then right-click the baseURI property, and select “Copy string contents”. There should be an equivalent procedure in other browsers. If you paste the clipboard contents, it will contain a string of the following form:


Thus, the last 36 characters of the copied string contain the ID.


If you have any Bitwarden client open, you can just enter the Item ID in the Search Bar (actually, just the first 8 characters of the ID is sufficient), and it will display the corresponding item.

In any case, I’d like to clarify that I am not attempting to detract from the feature request, but I wanted to offer some possible work-arounds, since it sometimes can take a long time before feature requests are acted on.