See and copy the GUID of an item in the user interface

I’m very happy with the new deep-linking functionality.

But… deeplinking requires the GUID of an item. Of course, I can find the guid in the link when using the webvault. But wouldn’t it be more conventient to actually see the GUID. Or even better: to have a “copy GUID” and “copy deep-link” button in all the BitWarden user interfaces??

See Link to an Item | Bitwarden Help Center


Together with copy, we also need the way to find the item by the GUID in Bitwarden-Web and Desktop applications!

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Wow, in current version of Bitwarden Browser extension we can already find items by their uuid:

So the remainder is to detect full urls like and extract the itemId from there.

And, of course, the main topic feature - Copy link to the item to clipboard.

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Re-Posting a solution we’ve used pre-Bitwarden:

Letting all search bars parse deep links to extract the UUID let us cover all use cases with just a single “Copy Password Link” button/hotkey.

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I’m starting to use Bitwarden as a credential vault for our automation system (using the new bw serve Vault Management REST API) and since the itemid GUID is the only way to unambiguously reference items, having the GUID exposed in the various clients would make the workflow quicker, easier, and less error-prone since currently I have to log into the web vault, pull up the item, and then search for the itemid in the URL

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SSO users can’t use this btw.

  1. be sso user
  2. be sso user logged in
  3. be an sso user copying the url of an item
  4. be other sso user reciecving link
  5. be other sso logged in
  6. be other sso user pasting recieved link
  7. be very upset other sso user not being take to the linked item.

Considering the amount of money SSO contracts cost, I would have thought that this would have been the first thing you made sure was working?