Allow Attachments to be exported when using Export Data

Even at the bare minimum, no coding required, it was suggested to add a note on the export page stating/warning that attachments aren’t included in the export.

Yes, it’s incredible that more than 4 years later this has not yet been fixed (because, in my opinion, this is more a “conceptual bug” than a feature request).

I really love Bitwarden, but I feel some priorities should be revised (just an example, because I see it here below, in the suggested topics, the username generator has been proposed later than this, it had less votes, so it’s objectively less useful, and it’s already been implemented).

I know it’s not as slick as a built-in feature, but as a workaround I made a quick script that will backup your vault and all stored attachments. If you are comfortable with the command line, it is pretty easy to use, if you want to give it a try:

A link to the script is toward the end of the initial post.

This is an important feature for backups and export. Typically what you would be attaching is a critical piece of your security for a file, such as a QR code. Backup/Export without attachments can leave you with an incomplete security solution. Upvoted.

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Came across your scripts and was good starting point for building my backup scripts that run on my synology under docker. Good work!

This is a SERIOUS flaw! I just moved my vault from a self-hosted enviroment over to Bitwarden’s cloud and did not know NONE of my attachments were exported over. Now I have to scroll and find every login where I store critical attachments and manually move them.

This also means that if you export to make a backup it is INCOMPLETE!

I agree that it is a major problem and hope they address it soon!

If you search >attachments:*, it will show all entries with an attachment. It’s not the solution we need, but it should make finding those entries easier.

I’ve been saying this over and over. Bitwarden NEEDS to add a note/warning on the export page indicating that attachments are not included in the export. Yes to all of the naysayers I know this is in the documentation, but most people don’t read it.

True, but the average end users is not going to know this until it is too late, where they did an export, maybe purged their vault and realized the attachments are gone. For someone that knows this limitation yes the above method is good to find the attachments and download them prior to export/delete etc.


ok yes, the export page does show this warning, but still… I use Bitwarden to save and organize my most secure information, just sucks I can’t export everything. I would be ok if the export was just the encrypted data file.

I was referring to the fact that there should be a warning in the bitwarden vault settings on the export page saying “hey attachments are included in an export.” This would provide the necessary information to warn users to save your attachments separately from the export process since they’re not included.

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Third year paid user. Now I am start using GPG and there are files that deeply matter…
Waiting for your update.

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Any news? This is so important