Additional item types (pre-defined)

What about items that do not require all this data ? Examples: Codes for combination locks, PINs, TAN lists, Tax IDs, passport numbers. They all just need a name, but no user name. A TAN list would not fit into the field for the password, so my preferred place for it is the NOTES field.

So perhaps a setting to de/activate this feature and having an option to exclude this requirement on the item you are currently working on might be useful.


you are right about this, truth

I updated the request title. As we expand item types this may be more applicable to those/templates/etc. - as well as being able to turn it off as needed :+1:


@tgreer how are you? can you help me? could you merge this topic I created here: Set fields as required by item type - #2 by Peter_H in Add more pre-defined item types - #182 by cmhcreater?

“As we expand item types this may be more applicable to those/templates/etc. - as well as being able to turn it off as needed”

it makes perfect sense what you said. So…


  1. So, what I’m talking about here would be to standardize the types.
  2. In the other topic they talk about adding more predefined types.
  3. I believe my topic: Set fields as required by item type - #2 by Peter_H can contribute to the other topic: Add more pre-defined item types - #182 by cmhcreater

If you can help me I would be happy

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@walib65081 - all set :slight_smile:

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Hi Community Bitwarden!

I hope to help you in some way.

  1. This idea above talks about standardizing defined types. My idea is this: all predefined types somehow need to be standardized to avoid empty data and/or null data Because “fields may be required” - if they are models
  2. I believe this may help in this topic.

I’ve just moved my company from LastPass to Bitwarden, and this is the one thing that I miss, but I’m happy to see it on the roadmap for Q1 2022!

I was going to try to copy all of the SSH and database credentials the dev team has stored into “login” items (as the LastPass export turned them all into “secure notes”) but I’m holding off until I see what the update provides. I also had some custom items types defined in LastPass for things like “keystores” (Android app signing certificates).

As a fellow developer I’m sorry to ask this question, but is the update on track?

i disagree with this.
Find a Way to another universal entry.
For exemple :
Title (name)
information x 4 filed with a copy option

Managing Entry in Lasspass (LP) is in my taste full of bloat of MANY MANY Entry I never used and don’t plan to. And something I now love of Bitwarden is the simplicity.
Maybe those can be enable in the account.

I created multiple “template” in LP

You could simply have one with :
Title (name)


but as a suggestion for a model :
“document” I had a time where I created multiple document with password but could find a model that really fit (7z, verascrypt, cryptomator,ect) so it could be something like :

Tile (name)
Note :


Looks like this thread has been here for a while. I haven’t read ALL 189 posts, but from the jest of it, a lot of people would like more types added, me included. I am coming from an app that has all sorts of types, and I’m now finding out that I have to squeeze most of them into the Secure Note and customize the fields to fit. Taking some work, but I will make it work.

I’ve cast my vote to add additional types.




Hi @rosede, you’ll be happy to know that ‘additional item types’ is included in the 2022 roadmap.


This is great to hear. Thanks for bring it to my attention.


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Hi Community! HI @Kruger2147 ! How are you guys?

Great idea… this is great. ^^ awesome… So… I have this idea.

ui/ux 1

ui/ux 2


  • Here have some item types

ui/ux 3


  • Item types are associated with item type by association. Example: Login inside => Type: “Common type item”

ui/ux 4


  1. I read all the comments and got this inspiration, I made this ui to represent everyone’s opinion here
  2. I’m happy if I can represent everyone’s idea here with this beautiful graphical interface ;D
  3. I hope to help

This looks awesome! I hope these options are added to Bitwarden in the near future :smiley:

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Update from the product team: additional item types are in early development, beginning with a significant refactor of how item types are stored in the database while keeping the product backwards-compatible. This will also enable faster creation of new item types. Making progress!


Could you tell us what item types are being added? :face_with_peeking_eye:

If this is still in early development, how could they possibly confirm this, @Korat?

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sorry I was just curious :frowning:

WEB SITE LINKS SAVING. Nowdays we visit so many websites to read and forgot too. Usually Passwords are related to websites. Not all websites have password request. Saving websites links are very useful. Please consider adding this too.


I’d really love to use additional items.

I’ve always wished to have a Software Licence Key Item
(Developer, Software, Version Number, Key, Activation Date, Expiring Date etc.)
and a contact item to use Bitwarden as address book.
Less fields than the identidy item but importable from *.contact *.vcf *. files or via scanning a QR code.

In Addition to that my insurance company sent me an digital insurance card today to add to a digital wallet via QR code (my insurance company recommendet the app “PassWallet” from Google Play Store.
My first thought was: It would be nice to considure Bitwarden as this digital wallet.
This cards have to be importable via scanning QR code.

I’ve uploaded a screenshot of this PassWallet entry in Google Play, here is the link:

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Hi all!

  1. I find this idea, proposal interesting.
  2. I hope to help the Bitwarden company and community in some way
  3. As this post talks about adding new types defined in Bitwarden, I added the type here… bookmark - here : Bookmarks type
  4. One thing that’s interesting is that this type of item set as a bookmark - could help this topic: Bitwarden Bookmark Sync too - which can increase bitwarden’s customer base - most people have a lot of information about the sites they need to access and this mixes with the sites they need to monitor daily with login and password - Having a password manager like Bitwarden is a great way to make the user’s life easier - but giving the user the chance to manage their information based on urls does greatly improve the user’s life too.
  1. There is even another type of item to be added - As in the case of a bookmark which is a url item type.
  2. It would be interesting to have the item type as url - to remember the website we are going to access or the which is website most common that we need to access
  3. Usually these sites we don’t have a record - but… serve as a reminder - part of the password manager is to manage passwords, but also to manage type the of information too
  4. There are no new item types defined at the moment, but I hope it helps in some way