Add Re-size function to Windows App Scroll Bars

  1. Expected Priority by Individual and Corporate Users: Critical
  2. User Priority Reasoning: User Interface requires unreasonable time to identify which folder contains item desired for launching/viewing/editing. If Folder Name is truncated with an ellipses, user must use Trial-and-Error tactic to view multiple folders before finding correct folder.
  3. Expected User Priority Ranking: Except for catastrophic bugs that cause the app to crash, because of presumed value that Bitwarden places on the users’ time, this feature would be reasonably expected to rank higher than any other feature request.
  4. Similar Feature Request(s): “Allow adjusting column width to avoid wrapping text” (Jeremy11one / Feb '21 / *7 replies / *943 views / *as of 27 Oct 2022)
  5. Reason for Differentiation from Above Request:
    a) User failed to specify Operating System / Platform
    b) Current version of Windows app (2022.12.0) does not wrap Folder Names, as suggested in user’s request
  6. Context: User Interface
  7. Relevant UI Elements: Client Region → Vault Columns → {Vault Item ~“Hierarchy Column” (All Items/Favorites/Trash, TYPES, FOLDERS)}, {Vault Item ~“Name Column”}, {Vault ITEM INFORMATION"/~“Item Properties Column”}
  8. Current Feature Functionality: Scroll Bars for each column anly allow scrolling of column content
  9. Requested Functionality: Scroll Bars for each column can be dragged horizontally to resize column width. Changed column widths would persist in time, across user sessions because of data stored in (and read from) the {Installation Folder}/resources/app.asar file. In the APP.ASAR file, data would require additional items for storage of column width data.
  10. Feature Suggested Change Impact on Project Team Workflow: Minimal to Nominal
  11. Feature Suggested Change Scope: UI Window Controls, change in “wrapping” behaviour" for data contained in column data controls, and change in how APP.ASAR is parsed at launch of app.

Unless Bitwarded polls all individual and corporate users to learn otherwise, because of reasons detailed in 2) and 3) above, I suggest that all users deserve disclosure of Bitwarden’s rationale, if this feature request is ranked so low that it would be excluded from the 2023 Roadmap.