Accessing space

Im furious.

Been premium user for 3+ months and am just asking:

Where and/or how to open/browse/add files there?

Files are stored as attachments:

FAQ here:

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@tgreer thanks for this. Another question is: is there somewhere a page that lets me view all atachements as a list/table?

Not currently, they’re more meant as an add-on for an item at the moment instead of being remote file storage like dropbox, gdrive, etc.


if so; what was the rationale behind this kind of attachements?

Storing key files, text files, images, etc. that would accompany a saved item. Such as an instructional document for connecting to a system, or a .pem/pkcs file.


Hello Furious,

a real-life example (ok, perhaps in other years than 2020) would be a photo of your passport and the travel visa of the country you are in for “just in case”.

@tgreer: I had not noticed before that this forum updates in real time:



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its huge advantage over other forum engines…
I may be wrong, but I think that this can be disabled within ACP somewhere, am I correct @tgreer?

Yep, it can be disabled, but I agree it’s a nice feature to hopefully keep too many simultaneous replies from happening :slight_smile: