1Gb of encrypted storage

What is it for? How do i use it? Sorry if this is a dumb questions, but i cannot find any information about it on the Bitwarden website.

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Hi, I think it has to do with attachments.
Have a look here:


Attaching and managing files can be done from any Bitwarden client application. Any file 100MB or smaller can be attached to an item in your vault.

All premium membership and paid organization accounts include 1GB of encrypted file storage. Additional storage can be purchased in 1GB increments if needed.

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How unintuitive.

You get the sales pitch about online storage. The only way to use it is to put “attachments” on vault entries.


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I also think that having the 1GB set up as normal “encrypted vault” instead of “attachments” is more like what people are expecting when they read this in the Premium plan. Of course one could set up a “fake item” and continuously add attachments, but a separate entry “encrypted file vault” or so might be more intuitive.

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I don’t have the premium subscription but I think it is better for bitwarden to make a separate 1GB vault for storing files. Saving files as attachments doesn’t feel right, does it? Maybe they could implement it like what Onedrive does.


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Hi Vachan,

Yes, I totally agree with your suggestion and think this would be a good and understandable implementation.

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