Unable to access attachments from desktop client

I’m trying out Bitwarden premium and I’ve run into several inconveniences and one showstopper.

I successfully imported my 1password export file, but as others have mentioned, attachments were not included.

Further, getting attachments uploaded is a massive pain because I have to do them one at a time. If I cannot include attachments as part of the upload, at least let me attach multiple files at a time.

The real dealbreaker is that once uploaded, I am unable to make use of them from the desktop client (on Mac if that matters). I can see them listed. I can delete them. But I cannot open them. I can open them from the website but if I have to do that, what’s the point of having a client?

Additional clarification: I’ve verified the problem on linux as well so it seems to be a client issue rather than something platform specific.

Also, I don’t see the attachments when I’m viewing the record. I have to edit it and then click the Attachments item.

Are the attachments on an item owned by an organization? If so, this is a known bug that is fixed in the next version.

I was using an organization, yes.

When will the next version be out? For now I’ve cancelled my subscription because I won’t be able to use Bitwarden until this problem is fixed, but I’ll want to try again once this is fixed.

Is there also the possibility of importing more than one attachment at a time? I use my password manager to also store things like SSH private keys and other small but critical files, and I have a lot of those.