Able to manage other Organisations without an additional license if you have a paid licence

We have and use bitwarden Teams and are a IT company that manage the IT for other Organisations. We are promoting bitwarden to clients and they are getting bitwarden teams to manage their passwords. The thing is we want our techs to be able to use and update their Organisation for passwords that belong to them. The problem is the client has to pay for and extra license for each users we link to their tenant when really we are already paying for bitwarden and it would make more sense if they just paid for their own staff.

Current it means we have a single extra account that the client has to pay for. Techs have to log out of their bitwarden account and into the shared Tech account to be able to manage clients bitwarden rather than just linked the organisation to all the Techs.

What would be nice is if you have a paid license then you could be linked to multiple organisations without using additional licenses.

Users should be allowed to be part of multiple Organizations within the same company without having to pay for an extra seat license for every organization.