Organizations and sharing

As a premium user, can I:

  1. Create more than one organization? How many?
  2. What are the limits on how many users can be part of an organization I create?
  3. Is it possible to migrate an existing organization from another premium account (wife) to my premium account (so I don’t have to re-create everything)?

Hello @Blue_Sky_58. The answer to your questions depend on what type of organization you want to create. See the links below from the Bitwarden help pages for full details:

And there is no migration tool, per se, but you can easily export an organization’s vault and import it elsewhere as an unencrypted JSON export file. See here:

Thanks David - I’ll check these out. One more simple one…is it possible to have one organization and share select services with multiple users?

My pleasure - happy to help!

Yes, you can designate access control on users at the collection level and below. More details can be found here:

I think I confirmed I can’t have what I’m looking for, which was to establish two separate organizations, one for me + wife and another for me + brother, even as a Premium subscriber. Only one org, right?

Hi @Blue_Sky_58

Sorry if it wasn’t clear in the documentation.
A Bitwarden user can be a member of multiple organizations and share with multiple people separately if choosing to share this way.

SaaS cloud customers can also create a free 2 person organization which would sound good for your needs to have Org1 with you and your wife, and Org2 with you and your brother.
I have two organizations I am a member of in my personal account, one (paid) family organization and one (free) one for testing.

Users can either purchase premium membership individually which only applies to their user, or users who are also a member of a licensed organization also inherit premium features.
Aka I pay for a family membership organization, anyone who is a member of my family organization such as my account, sister’s, parents, etc. All get premium features in the organization and on their personal accounts.

I believe David provided information on collections and access control permissions as this is the most common way to share specific information with specific users, or groups of users in an organization.
Aka in my family Org I have collections for shared info between myself and sister, as well as separate collections for shared items between me and other members, etc. All while still paying for a single family license.

You can choose to have multiple organizations if this fits your flow better.
Simply a free organization should work but does have certain limits, i.e. limited to only 2 collections, and 2 users.
You could also choose to pay for two separate organizations licenses if you wished.

The only thing that would prevent you from joining multiple organizations would be if you are a part of an enterprise organization which has certain enterprise policies in place to limit enterprise organization users to only being a member of a single organization, and not be allowed to join multiple organizations.

I cannot create a second Organization - says I am only allowed to be the admin of one.

Ahh, my apologies here. I tested this further in my account to create a secondary “Test Org” aka free plan which I was unable to do as I already have another free Org created.
Presumably getting the same error you got.

I believe in my case I was confused as I currently have the premium family plan, and was able to create an additional free organization I assumed one may be able to create multiple Organizations.

According to About Bitwarden Plans | Bitwarden Help & Support

Any user of any plan can be the owner of one Free Organization.

That being said it should not prevent you from being a member of another free Organization, you should be able to create one for you and your wife, and then have your brother create another for you and him.
Your brother will be the admin of the organization but he can invite you to be a member.

Ultimately, having a licensed Org is great once you expand beyond the need for simply 2 collections. As mentioned with the family plan multiple users can be added and their access managed depending on the collection to only share between one person or the other.
This also gives you the added benefit of having a single entry for any duplicates needing to be shared between both parties or possibly to allow sharing between all three in specific collections.

Really just depends on the use case and how you want to structure the Org(s) and collections. The free tier is wonderful for most basic use cases and to try out Organizations in Bitwarden and sharing capabilities.