Sharing between Enterprise Organisation users and eg. Basic Free Acount / Premium Account

Can Enterprise Organisation user share only with same type of users?
Or is it ok to share also with Team Organisation users or Free Organisation users or eg. Personal - Premium account?
I have small org. about 15 people + I would like to share some of Collections with few external users + something with family (about 7 members) and friends (2 people). Possibly without switching my accounts - I prefer to have it under one acount and just have different Collections.
Thank you.

You can add any type of user to an Enterprise Org :slight_smile:

When they are added, they will be able to use Premium features in their personal vaults, too :+1:

Thanks for very quick answer :slightly_smiling_face:
So I need to have user seats for other users. Do you know price for user seats? (or is it 5$/mo for every seat in Enterprise Org. - same as for direct users?)

Yep! it is indeed it is $5 for Enterprise users and $3 for Teams users (billed annually). Teams may suit your needs if you don’t plan to implement the following features (which do require enterprise):

  • Enterprise policies
  • Self Hosting
  • Login with SSO

Now I fully understand. It means 540USD/y. for org. + about 250USD/year just to get 7 people from family “in the sharing system”. Anyway, thank you for your fast answers.

We do offer a Family organization that covers 6 individuals for $40/year, which allows for collections, and also gives users premium access, too.

I see it in price list. If I understand well: if I use Teams Organization (for 15 people in my company means $3/mo. each + same for external users), I still need to buy for family & friends seats for $3/mo each, no matter if they have free or premium access (eg. Family org.). Or: if someone has premium access - it allows him to join Team Organization without buying seats?

Premium features are individual only, so they don’t provide access to a shared organization. However, all of our organizations (Family, Teams, Enterprise) allow members to ‘inherit’ premium features as long as they are a part of the Organization.

You are correct about the seats, all Org users need a seat.

Again, thank you for all your answers. However, with this price politic ($3/mo minimum for every person when you share with more than 6 people - in my case eg. parrents who use it once or twice/month + no possibility to solve it with one time payment) Bitwarden is not solution for me.