Ability to export only selected folders or entries instead of the whole vault

I wish that there was a feature in Bitwarden where we could only export exactly the entries or folders we wanted to export instead of having to export the whole vault and then having to edit it manually.

Please vote for this feature so that we can get this done ASAP.

Please read more details here:

Now…how do I vote for this topic?
NOTE…OK…figured out how to vote.

Thanks all…

If we could export the vault content but filtered by folder or type instead of all the vault.

Avantage :
Lighter and smaller file to export.
easier to manage

Why :
In my transition between lastpass to bitwarden, the CSV format form lastpass is limited to 1000 entry, but I have much much more entry (due to a mistake when importing vault from Chrome from a test computer with way to many network ip adress save).

In the end, less entry mean reduce risk of bad entry

Added vote as well.

Occasionally, I need to export a folder or folders that are specific to an organization. It would be helpful to able to export just that data versus having the entire vault then cleaning up the file as that can be time consuming and will get more so with time as the rest of my vault expands.

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