How do you export only select folders?

I know that you can export the whole Bitwarden vault to .json file or CSV file.

However, how can I only select one or two folders to export?

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You will have to export the entire vault. There is no way to export a specific folder.
Once you get the csv or json file, remove the entries that you don’t need and save the file.

I just exported the json file, and looked into editing it, and although I did know how to search for the IDs I required and to delete other stuff, it was just WAY TOO MUCH WORK to actually do that since I had almost 50 folders and subfolders and hundreds of password entries.

This surely has to be looked into…right?
Doing this kind of thing is a joke.

I surely cannot be the only user asking for such a feature?

Compared to this, doing the same thing with KeePass took a mere 2 seconds.

How can Bitwarden expect users to drop other systems and come over when thy don’t even have basics such as these?


This would be a good feature to have. Maybe you guys can bundle it with the encrypted export that you are working on?

This might work
Create an oraganisation.
Transfer the required items from you vault to the organisation.
Go to the organisation—> Tools—> Vault Export
Export the organisation vault.

I should have thought of this earlier

Wait isn’t this going to transfer the ownership which is what I have been trying to figure out and suggesting as a change because once they are transferred then the only way to get them back is by individually copying each and assigning ownership of the copies to the personal account.