A newbie is looking for tips: Setup Bitwarden when you have to use your master password


I am wondering how people are setting up Bitwarden.

How would you recommend to set up when you have to type in your master password again? At the moment, I have to type in the master password at least 10 times or more a day.

Is the option to unlock Bitwarden with a pin only tied to my laptop?

The PIN option on Bitwarden is device specific! You can easily have a different PIN on every device if you wanted to. Recommend you select a unique PIN of at least six characters. The safety comes in that AFTER 5 incorrect PIN entries the BW vault will log you OUT! That means if someone enters your PIN incorrectly 5 times they now would need your master password to log back in. If you are a premium customer then start using 2FA or U2F to further secure your vault.

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Thanks for the answer. That sounds good.