PIN v. Master Password

New user here. Is there any way to set up a PIN in lieu of the Master Password? Thanks in advance for any help, much appreciated.

You did not include any info about which app you are referring to so my answer is going to be as generic as your question. Yes, you can set and use a PIN instead of entering the master password to unlock the vault.

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Thank you for the reply. Since the question, I have learned about browser extensions and noticed you can setup a PIN there in lieu of the Master Pwd. Just curious if can set up a PIN via OS via typical browsers, Safari, F-Fox, etc. In others words, to use to gain access to our personal main account via Bitwarden’s web page.

Not that I know of but why would you want to? Are you self-hosting an instance of the BW server, internally, and blocking Internet access to it? You can set a PIN in the desktop app and in the browser extensions. Don’t you think it wise to require a strong password to access your vault via the web if it is open to the Internet?

Ok, thanks. How do I set up the PIN on the desktop app? I looked around there pretty good but didn’t see a way to do it. Thanks