2FA of a website uses Windows Hello -- redirects to BitWarden "No passkeys found"

Environment: Win 11, Edge browser, latest Bitwarden extension

Logging in to SFDC which requires 2FA. Bitwarden enters username/password as usual. SFDC browser challenges for 2FA and offers Hello as the preferred method. I choose it and the new behavior (today) is Bitwarden plugin pops up with “No passkeys found for this application”. I then have to click “use browser” and then everything proceeds as before using Hello to authenticate.

This “passkeys” error message is new. Is there some setting to prevent it?


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No, this behavior cannot be changed in the current version. Bitwarden is planning to add functionality to remember user preferences about the “use browser” option, but we will have to wait until this becomes available in a future release.

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ok, thanks, appreciate the rapid response. I’ll upvote that preference in a heartbeat!

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Same issue here on Mullvad browser (Firefox). That pop-up screen is maddening because it happens every time I need to sign into an account that requires my Yubikey. I’ve disabled auto-fill to try and get around it, but it persists. I don’t use passkeys for anything (yet), so not sure why this message is getting triggered.


In the 11 days since my previous response, this behavior has been fixed. Is your browser extension updated to version 2023.10.2?

If you are using Yubikey just for 2FA, then Bitwarden no longer displays the pop-up (assuming that you have unlocked your vault to auto-fill the username/password credentials before reaching the 2FA prompt — if the vault is unlocked, Bitwraden can check that you do not have a passkey saved for that website, so that the prompt is not necessary).

If you are using a Yubikey for passwordless login and your Bitwarden vault is not unlocked, then you need to add the fully qualified domain name to the “Excluded Domains” list in the browser extension settings. Then you should no longer see the pop-up prompt, whether your vault is locked or unlocked.

I concur. Everything is back to where it was previously. Thanks.

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