Work with Authy to add BitWarden app icon to their app

Authy currently supports only a closed list of icons for apps. It would be great if BitWarden got its icon into that list.

(I guess it will also create more buzz for BitWarden)

This is a request for Authy. We can’t add it. We don’t have any connections with Authy. If you do, we’d love to reach out.

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Yes I know that Authy are the ones who control this list. I don’t have connection with them except as an individual customer. I suppose it’ll require approaching them to do that. It might be regarded more seriously if the request cane from the owner of the software.

We sent them a request in Feb 2018 with our logo assets attached. Here is the response we received in Jun 2018:


Nikolay here, the product specialist for our Account Security portfolio.

I spoke with our Head of Engineering regarding the option of adding new logos to the app, unfortunately, at the moment - we are not able to have a spare resource for this, as the GDPR took priority in the first two Qs(especially the second) of the year and there’s a really big bug/API backlog we have to catch up with, therefore the cosmetic/UX improvements will take a step back.

We will try to add the Bitwarden and few more companies logos in Q4 depending on how the bug hunt goes this Q, or I will push to implement the custom logo option for the end users next year.


Thanks for the update.

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Authy is a great tool, but honestly I never understood their maniacal need to control these icons. If we are going to talk seriously, I think we all need to put real pressure on them to just open this up. I don’t see a good reason why they need to embed a bunch of crappy icons into their app. If they are concerned about having those icons requested over the web and exposing which services people use, there are several ways around it.

Please don’t!
The people at Authy gave us their tool for free and gave a good response about their backlog. It’s not like they just sit there waiting for us freeloaders to tell them what to do.

@amoss, I don’t understand the problem. There’s nothing wrong with a user community making their priorities clear. Free or not, they are providing something for users, and what they are providing should line up with what users want. Besides, I haven’t seen much development on Authy since I have started using it:)

“put real pressure” sounds to me like mobbing them.

They did reply to BitWarden’s author (perhaps I saw this in another place) with a detailed explanation about their backlog and why they can’t “just do it right now”.

They have paying enterprise customers to cater for and bugs to fix. I know as a developer myself that prioritising software development tasks can be hard.

Making user wishes known is totally legitimate (developers appreciate knowing what their users care about), “put real pressure” sounds to me a bit too much.

Bitwarden logo has been added to Authy in November 2019!
Available for Android & iOS

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I saw that and it’s not bad. It would be nicer if there was an option for a large BitWarden shield without the name, so it’s more visible.

FreeOT, an Open Source Authenticator app for Android, allows users to assign custom icons to entries.
The main advantage vs. Authy is that FreeOTO is Open Source.
The disadvantages are that using custom icons require stroing them on your device, I believe. Backups are also a bit more cumbersome and needs to be done manually through ADB. There is also no sync between devices, which is of course less convenient but also means no intermediary is involved.

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