Bitwarden logo on Authy

The Bitwarden logo does not show up on Authy, so you have to choose a generic one. Can it be added?

This would be a request for Authy, not Bitwarden.

It looks like they give instructions on how to add your own

Otherwise, they do it based on popularity… which is kinda worrisome if that means they can look in and see what sorts of tokens you’re using.

a while ago I opened a ticket with them to suggest them to use favicons of web sites… if may make a suggestion, since this what bitwarden already do, maybe you guys can share the code to capture the icon with them??

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Thanks for this link. It gave me an idea. I’ve submitted a request regarding this tutorial. If I get an answer, I’ll make sure to drop by and complement the comment here. :+1:

The instructions there are about picking an icon from a set list. It doesn’t let you (as the end user) to add new icons to the application.

Bitwarden logo has been added to Authy in November 2019!