Why doesn't BW browser extension save both username and email addresses?

I’ve recently moved from 1P to BW and have noticed there are some features that aren’t working as I would expect them to.

When signing up to a forum, often a username, email address and password is required. When I create them (generated by BW browser extension), when I then submit the form, typically only the username and password is saved but not the email address used. As I am generating that, it would be useful if that was saved too. Can I ask why they arent automatically being saved and whether this is is behavior I can change in the settings?

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First, auto-saving the info from an account signup form maybe unreliable in Bitwarden. Typically for an account creation with just an email and a password, one good way to do it may be: 1) popup the side bar (Shift-Alt-Y in FF) 2) click add 3) generate/set email, 4) generate password, 5) click save, 6) press Shift-Ctrl-L to fill the signup form, 7) put in other info you may need and then create the account.

For an account that requires both username and email, this is “trickier”. Bitwarden doesn’t have separate fields for both email and username. The “Username” field is used when you log in, so you want to put in the information (username, email, username/email) that is needed to log into your account. If you are generating both username and email using the generation feature for that field, you need to copy the one that you don’t use for login into the note field / custom field, and keep the other generated info in the Username field. In this case, I usually find it easiest to copy-and-paste / drag-and-drop all three fields (username, email, password) into the account creation form.

I know this isn’t straightforward or intuitive from the beginning, but once you find workflows that work for you, it’s a hassle that you may get used to quickly, unless you create a new account everyday that uses both the username and email.

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Thank you for your detailed response, its not the greatest workflow but it will have to do.
I think this should be a feature considered for a newer version.

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BTW, somebody put it up for a vote as a feature request, Add "Username" and "Email" as separate entries

I wouldn’t hold my breath, though, user-suggested features seem more likelier to be implemented by open contributions. Unless some outside developers really want this feature, …