Add "Username" and "Email" as separate entries

Please add an “Email” field for new items.

By default, if only the username or email field is filled in, use that for the login username. If both are filled in, provide a means to select which is to be used for login forms.

Many web sites separate “Username” from “Email”. You need the username to login, but the email for password recovery for example. A quick button to copy email OR the username would be extremely convenient.

I currently add a custom field or notes to each record to save the email if it isn’t the username. I think this should be default.

I agree. In adition, by introducing a toggle for for selecting which one to be autofilled, it can also make login and recovery a lot easier.

I think it is a very important field in case you must recover your password (keeping in mind people has several emails). In a lot of cases you must insert you email address to recover your password even if you have chosen a username. I always add a “custom field” for the email, but it is not handy since I have to create a customizable field every time…

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I’m in full support of this. Email is just us important as a username. If a custom email field is illogical could we please add multiple username fields with custom names, order, and the ability to select the autofill one? I’m tired of having to scroll down, do many taps, give a name to a custom field then enter the email. And I can’t even autofill it. I had many account where I assumed the Username can be used as login so I entered it as such, but then I had to manually swap it with email because the service only allowed logins with emails. Really annoying. One of my biggest problems with the service currently, and the fact that theres no activity regarding this request is bad.

I support this idea as well, and it has been an issue for me a handful of times.