What should I do about too many repeated passwords?

Is there a tool that can detect and delete identical passwords and websites, keeping just one?

Hello Zhou, and welcome to the community!

In the web vault, you can select multiple items and delete them all at once.


Select the items, and click on the vertical … to the right of “Owner”.

Screening through thousands or even tens of thousands of passwords manually?

If your vault is in such a state, then I would recommend that you create a vault export, purge your vault contents, and then use an external deduplication tool (for example, if you export in .csv format, you can use Excel or any other spreadsheet app to deduplicate your data) before importing the deduplicated file back into your (now empty) vault.

Bitwarden does not currently have any automated deduplication tools, although the “Re-Used Passwords” report might help you find duplicate entries.

Here are two relevant feature requests threads:


The first of these contains several suggested work-arounds, including at least one user-contributed deduplication script.


Thanks, I’ll try it