What is the best way to sort passwords by age?

My BitWarden vault was originally exported from LastPass. (A long time ago, before they were breached.) I want to make sure that if any of my data was involved in the breach, it’s useless to whoever has it. The most obvious thing to me is to change all my passwords. I’d like to prioritize the oldest ones, as those are the ones most likely to be in the wrong hands.

What is the easiest way to identify which ones are the oldest? Can I do this within the website or app, or will I need to export my vault and search with another program? I have access to the android app, the web vault, and the firefox plugin. (On Mint and on Windoze 11)


AFAIK it can’t be done within BW currently. It’s been a requested feature (being able to sort by various criteria including date) since at least 2018…

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Thank you!

I’ll probably wait a day or two to see if there are other replies. If not, what if I exported as CSV, then opened with a spreadsheet editor? Would I be able to sort as desired then? Think I’ll go give it a quick try and report back…

It seems the only fields exported in CSV were: folder, favorite, type, name, notes, fields, reprompt, login_uri, login_username, login_password and login_totp.

JSON adds a “collections” field/ value, but I didn’t see any dates. Hmmm… So, if no better ideas come from this thread, I’ll just have to do it manually. :crossed_fingers:

I created (or plaguarised) a short python script to report on passwords by age (last password revision date) so it is possible. It uses the CLI.

I also wanted to ensure all my LP passwords had been changed. That process took me 2 weeks. :cry:

Sorting have been a long-requested and long-promised feature: Sort items by date of modification, addition, last use, etc
Until bitwarden implements that in webui or plugin, bitwarden cli client outputs last modified date: Sort Vault Items by Revision Date Using the CLI
It’s not optimal, but this is the best we have for now.

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