Website favicons are blank - force bulk icon update functionality?

Sometimes favicons are not showing up for websites in Bitwarden, even though they exist and are displaying in Chrome.

It would be nice to see better favicon support and an option to refresh the favicons of all the websites.

It’s sad to see:

Please provide a list of websites that are not working.

Here are some of the big ones that don’t show up for me. But they display in the Chrome browser.

Me too.

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If I was to list it here, I’d get so many of these breaks. But it pretty much depends on how the web domain is treated and based, inherited, etc. Chrome’s Bookmarks for desktop work pretty good, but nothing is perfect. I’ve read a time ago that working with these favicons is a very tiresome and troublesome task, so let’s just not blame Bitwarden for this. It’s depending more on the websites’ headers and HTML, not on BW’s side.

But, of course Kyle could take a better look at those examples. Maybe the codes can be enhanced somehow.