Website favicons are blank - force bulk icon update functionality?

Sometimes favicons are not showing up for websites in Bitwarden, even though they exist and are displaying in Chrome.

It would be nice to see better favicon support and an option to refresh the favicons of all the websites.

It’s sad to see:

Please provide a list of websites that are not working.

Here are some of the big ones that don’t show up for me. But they display in the Chrome browser.

Me too.

related: Icon from <head>

If I was to list it here, I’d get so many of these breaks. But it pretty much depends on how the web domain is treated and based, inherited, etc. Chrome’s Bookmarks for desktop work pretty good, but nothing is perfect. I’ve read a time ago that working with these favicons is a very tiresome and troublesome task, so let’s just not blame Bitwarden for this. It’s depending more on the websites’ headers and HTML, not on BW’s side.

But, of course Kyle could take a better look at those examples. Maybe the codes can be enhanced somehow.

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Hi, I have some websites with missing favicons, can I do something to fix that ?
Here is the list of the entries (URI) in Bitwarden missing favicons (even though the corresponding website has a favicon !):

All of them are important international websites (ex: Sourceforge) or important websites in france (eg LeBonCoin). Regards

There are a number of previous posts asking a similar question that you might want to search for. For example:

And here is something else to look at:

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I have read all those posts about favicons again (I had read them before posting), but I do not see any help from them to solve the problem. All these posts are only talking about the fact that the 1st URI is taken, that only the subdomain and domain are taking into account, that people request a feature to change their favicon themselves.

How are they supposed to help me solving the issues I have above?

Complaining for sure will not help you. What actually might is reading (perhaps reading again), understanding and then following my how-to-guide.

Using as 1st URI for Carrefour for example will give you this icon:

This icon image is shown if you use one of these as 1st URI:

Perhaps other subdomains will also give you these (or even different) icons. Just try it out yourself.

I am not complaining, I am just not understanding despite trying.

For with the link that you gave me works perfectly :slightly_smiling_face::

I have used the tips with Never that was shared on this forum.

How did you find those links ?
I had tried the subdomain finder like for it but it does not work:

and on , but no icon links interesting results:

I indeed used Scroll down to Host Records (A) and then use the subdomains (marked in yellow):

I used Google Chrome and Bitwarden’s browser extension. After changing the URI and saving a reload of the webpage is not necessary, but closing and re-opening the window of the extension seems to be necessary. Furthermore: Depending on the server the result might not appear instantly. Just give it some 5 to 20 seconds. This actually seems to depend on the server. The URIs I mentioned above really do provide the icons. Going through a list of host records that long as it is for Carrefour takes time and patience. It is annoying that some of their servers react that slow.

Ok, I have looked at this for and I have found which gives me an icon :slightly_smiling_face:.
I had to try 14 lines before finding out one that offered an icon in Bitwarden. You’re right it takes time!

After reading posts about favicons, I still do not understand why Bitwarden is not properly managing favicons: for for example, it should have work right away since the favicon is properly managed by the website and a web browser:

Why is Bitwarden not managing this? it is a bug?

I am not working for Bitwarden. I am just a user as you are. I try to find ways to “make it work” with the software we have but I cannot explain why it does what it does or why sometimes something does not work (“as expected”).

Thanks all, after reviewing with the team, it looks like this sometimes happens when items are stored in non-standard locations.

What do you mean by non standard location?
all my web browsers display a favicon for the URLs in my 1st post.

While the team is always reviewing ways to optimize and expand on its current process, it is possible that websites can store favicons dynamically in a way that may be missed by Bitwarden in some cases. Rest assured, this feedback has been passed along to the team.

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Thank you. You can include the list of URIs in my 1st post to give illustration of the problem.
Some important websites are concerned with the Bitwarden favicon issue.

What @Peter_H is doing greatly helps users having a workaround as this issue is annoying, but only Bitwarden Team can solve the core problem.